Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finally have something worth blogging about!

Hi all!  I know it has been a couple of weeks, but just know those two weeks have been very productive!  All is well in diet land.  Food wise I have been on target and very proud of myself.  During a social occasion (6 hours at a local bar/music venue) I only had diet coke and a few fries ...where I usually would have several pints of Newcastle, fries, and the words best beignets outside of NO.  So that was a big win for me.  The weigh-in for 2 Sundays ago was not awesome, actually up .3 lbs.  There really was no real explanation for that other than perhaps the long night sitting still and enjoying the music.  Either way, I was not bummed out totally ... and in fact more determined than ever.

My biggest accomplishment x6 is WORKING OUT!!!  It all started last saturday (before the show).  I spent an hour working out on my Wii walking game.  It is silly but amazing, I love it.  It is called Walk it Out (WIO).  There is not enough time in my day to tell you all the things I like about it, so just trust me.  A trend was started.  Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the gym near my office.  This is an achievement because I had to tuck my tail between my legs and show my face for the first time in well over a year.  The gym is very small...they knew me :)  In fact, the manager had just gotten married when I was there she has a child.  Funny ... with a twinge of pathetic on my part.  Hehe.  Anyway ... they were small lunch time cardio workouts, but it was perfect. Thursday night I came home and worked out with WIO for an hour.  Saturday, another hour spend on WIO ... and today the same.  Holy crap, I can hardly believe myself.

Today I weighed in and lost 2.2 lbs...bringing my total to just over 29 pounds and hitting my 10% goal!  Very happy about that.

Three more weeks until my trip to the Outer Banks...looking forward to being able to do some long beach walks without killing myself.

Looking forward to trying this diet AND exercise thing I keep hearing about :)