Saturday, January 24, 2009

Down 28!

Looks like I am on my way to my goal of 25 lbs by the end of March. This week was another 2.6 down ... I need to average 2.5 a week.

On HMR, I did not find myself doing what I needed to do with the meal replacements. Partially due to not ordering shakes/food while I was on vacation ... and partially due to laziness. Not good! I counted calories and kept up with my deficit on my SenseWear, but the idea here is to be on the program.

Next week will be better. I am fully stocked with shakes and hopefully my week will be awesome. January is generally a crappy month ... the majority of tragedy that has touched me personally occurred in January, so it is full of fairly unpleasant anniversaries and just general post holiday malaise. No excuses ... but just the facts.

Tomorrow I am going to Cheesecake Factory for my sisters 25th birthday (she is a tad younger!) Of all places!!!! Did you know that Cheesecake Factory does NOT have a baked potato??? I learned this when I went during a work function while starting HMR. I had my FF sour cream and spray butter loaded! A disappointment. Not sure what I will do tomorrow. I should be bringing my HMR meals, but part of me just wants to nibble at a salad and count calories...again. Good news is that a piece of their cheesecake has 800-1000 calories, so unless that is going to be my entire menu for the day, no cheesecake will cross these lips.

I will just be thinking to myself ... -2.5 a week ... -2.5 a week.... over and over again!

Oh, and I just realized that I am officially 5 lbs lighter than my lowest after my disastrous Lapband surgery. More motivation, right?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back on the Wagon

Hi All!

I wanted to let you all know that today (as planned) I am back on the program. My trip to Hawaii was amazing, and I got a TON of exercise! We ate a lot ... walked a lot ... drank a bit ... snacked on macadamia nuts ...walked a lot... went to bed early. That was the agenda most days! We didn't get a lot of time at the beach or pool (bummer) but we did spend an amazing 3-4 hours snorkeling which definitely satisfied my beach requirement.

The good news, 2 days after being back home, my weight was the same as the day I left. WOOO! The bad news, I discovered the deliciousness that is Subway Tuna ... and my last 3 meals before getting back on the program included a tuna sub. I am a dork ... and can literally eat the same thing over and over. Ice cream ... cake ... tuna subs ... and HMR Shakes! For now, its back to the shakes. I don't really get bored easily so that's good.

Oh, another bit of bad ... I bought a pack of Lance Nekot peanut butter crackers at the airport for the trip home. After my couple of xanax and 1 ambien ... I wasn't conscious enough to eat them, so I had them Thursday night for a snack. Friday ... my first day back at work, my stomach was KILLING me. All day long ... pain pain pain. That night I realized I had a fever. Woke up feeling fine on Saturday but realized DUH ... Peanut butter recall (thanks state of GA). I must have had tainted cookies ... because there was nothing else that would have done it. Nothing like a touch of salmonella to get rid of those couple of pounds of water weight, right? Fortunately for all involved I didn't eat them on the plane!

PICTURES!!! I just posted my pictures on my handy dandy account, please enjoy. Feel free to comment. If you are totally bored and want to see my photos of Florence, Sorrento, Pompeii and Barcelona, feel free to view them from the picture page. After fighting with my old trusty 5MP Canon Elph ... I may get a DSLR in the next year. Once I have spent all my money making travel arrangements, pictures are all I can usually afford to bring home.

What I will say is that I managed to afford some tiki salt and pepper shakers ... and a kick ass muumuu. Its is avocado green ... with chocolate brown hibiscus print. I cannot tell you how much I love it. Its ridiculous and its mine! One day I will take a photo and share in its glory.

That is all for now.

Goals for this week :
  • Stay in the box
  • Water water water
  • Work out 4 times

Saturday, January 10, 2009

From paradise

Hi all...
After spending the "reasonable" fee of 16 bucks for 24 hrs of the internets I thought it best I eek out as much as possible!  I believe I will be disconnected at any time.  I am wondering how many Maitais I could get for that same 16 dollars....

Anyway, my flight was wonderful.  Its interesting that my introduction into "real" food happened at the airport.  I opted for an omelet rather than a doughnut.  The flight itself had a fairly large hot lunch ... I would tell you what it was, but I am not positive.  Definitely chicken chunks with some kind of red sauce, perhaps wine based.  What appeared to be a scoop of potato, but upon further inspection seemed to have some grits in it, perhaps very creamy cheese grits???  Not sure.  And some corn/green bean combo...and the cutest little salad ever (everything small is cute to me).

Then came the bread, lots of bread.  Chibatta bread sandwich ... baguette with lunch.  Needless to day, between that and my dinner, I might have exceeded my general calorie expenditure! 
Yesterday was amazing, our first full day on the island.  We decided to go walking around town a bit.  I think in all I walked 8 - 9 miles yesterday.  The steps on my SenseWear showed about 17000!!! I am pretty sure I haven't walked that much in years... perhaps collectively.  Okay, maybe not.  

Today is our beach lazy day ... I am not a huge beach person, but it will be nice.  I am not sure my skin has touched saltwater in 10 years.  And ... if the beach doesn't float my boat there are only about 5 pools on the premise to choose from. 
OH...on a not so happy note, I got a text from my BF around 12:30 ET telling me my car had been broken into at home, window broken, shitty radio halfway stolen.  Yay.  What a pain in the ass.  There goes my massage budget.  Bummer.  Oh well, of all crimes against myself or property, that would be the best scenario.  Not letting it mess up my weekend!
Take care all... and I am posting the one decent picture I have so far, not sure what is up with my camera or its operator, but I have suddenly forgotten how to take a picture that doesn't suck!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pure Joy! Big Bummers! The rollercoaster I cant seem to get off of...

Hi all ... sorry it has been a couple of weeks since my last confession. I was hitting a bit of a road block or a plateau of some kind. The usual things for me : not enough water, not enough calories, not enough PA. Not a mystery! I ate low calorie but too low.

I kicked it into gear this week (well, water and having calorie variations) and it has done the trick. This week I hit my goal, 25 lbs before Hawaii!!!! I started my journey on Nov 3rd and it will take a vacation ... when I take my vacation tomorrow.

It has been fairly steady, 2.5 - 3 a week. No big losses ... and no big gains ... just a couple of lulls.

Holidays ... boy, were they rough. Thanksgiving and Christmas were not that hard for me, I managed to stay on the program 100%, which is amazing. New Years day I fell off the wagon a bit. I made an executive decision have mimosas as my liquid diet :) I counted the calories ... and sodium. Who knew that Cava has virtually no sodium, that was exciting to me! Of course once I had consumed the entire bottle of Cava and the equiv of 1.5 cups of juice ... i was a bit buzzed and suddenly felt like frozen mashed potatoes and Christmas cookies were what I needed. Dumb ass!

We talk about accountability. As I do not go to any HMR program meetings, I am more or less accountable only to myself, which means I can rationalize being bad with the best of them. Over New Years I was alone. My Boyfriend left town to visit his family for the holidays and I stayed home to work. So here I was all alone on New Years Day ... just me ... the cookies ... the mimosas ... and the Citrus Bowl (Go Dawgs). It reminded me of sneak eating ... as I did when I was a child. I know had my family been around I would have not had those urges, so I think my accountability lives within those around me, not myself.

Hawaii ... what is my plan. My first instinct is to just go crazy. I have fantasised of getting some amazing muffin at the air port ... lots of fruity drinks by the pool...lavish dinners, etc. The reality is that I am cheap ... and poor ... so I dont know that we will be having all of the lavish dinners. I dont know that I am going to really want to eat all that much. What I do know is that I will find some protein shakes (or slimfast) for breakfast. Have a very light lunch. I will save myself for dinner. I know there will be some meals that will be treats ... but I cannot treat every meal as a treat. Mentally I think I will come unwound if I gain back a lot of weight. I know I will gain some, but I am not ready for it yet!

On the plus side, we will not have a car. So ... we will be footing it most places. I will still be wearing my awesome SenseWear, so I will know how many steps, how many calories, and how much "moderate" or "vigorous" activity I am having. That will keep me aware. Its a game, doing anything I can to burn 2500 calories in a day. Often I find myself sitting in bed, watching TV and doing punches and twists with my upper body for 10 mins to eek in those last few calories before midnight. My cats look at me like I am crazy ... but who cares!

Thanks all for your support, I will be back on Wednesday the 14th. I may take my laptop (for fear that something will blow up at work when I am gone) so you might see me before I get back. There might be some email to blog feature I havent activated yet ... we will see.

The holidays are rough when you are following a plan that no one else is following. Lots of "oh, its just one time" or "come on, its Christmas!". The reality is, I treated most days like "christmas" which is what got me here. I can't count how many weekends I bought a carton of Moose Tracks and at it thinking "better get it now, my diet starts monday". Now, I have to treat everyday as monday ... and try and keep on track. I will be thinking of that while on vacation ... hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow.

PS. 24 hrs 40 mins 30 seconds until I am in the air on the way to Hawaii. WOOOO! (i am fairly impossible to be around right now, sorry!)