Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sometimes the math doesnt work in your favor!

Today was weigh-in week #3.  I ended the holiday weekend  up about 2.5 pounds from my weigh-in last I end my week right where I was last week!

As you know, I am taking a mathematical approach.  It's all about what goes in, who goes out ... and hopefully what comes off!  There are, however, other factors involved.  How much exercise you are getting ... how much water you are drinking ... what ARE you eating, etc.  Though on paper my calorie intake was low enough to warrant a weight loss ... it just didn't happen!  I can honestly say that 1) I didn't exercise on purpose 2) I did eat a lot of crap 3) I did not keep up with my water and keep hydrated 4) I did not take my vitamins like a good girl.

It all boils down to an overall pattern of good behavior .. and I did not meet the challenge in many ways.  On the positive note, my calorie intake over all was still on target.  My daily average deficit was over 900 on paper I should have lost about 2 lbs.

How do I feel about all of this?  I am actually quite motivated!  I know that in order to be successful and reach my goals, I need to do ALL the work required ...and not just "phone it in"!

I am feeling better ... and that means back to the exercise. Back to reaching my weekly average goals for steps and activity!  I will feel better and I will be more motivated to keep going.

All that said ... I am totally doing mimosa day tomorrow (New Year's Day).  BUT with my day of mimosa's ( I estimate about 675 calories for a bottle of cava + 8-10 oz of OJ) I will drink plenty of water ... and MOVE MY A$$!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HMR at home program offer

Just wanted to share an offer I recieved in my email if you are interested in the HMR at home program. is giving a 10% off that at home kit :

This is the online retailer that I use when I order my shakes/bars/etc.  Delivery is very reliable and reasonable ... never a long wait!

Just passing it on.

Back on track ... again!

Feeling good about being back on track as of yesterday. Not feeling well in general ... but feeling good about that! I had 4 HMR shakes, couple of fiber snack bars, and an entree with veggies on the side. All in all on target for what I wanted to accomplish, a 1500 calorie deficit!

Today I am trying to keep my mind on finishing out my meetings at the office, going home and crawling into bed! Apparently the world doesn’t stop because I don’t feel well... the nerve!

More shakes shakes ... need to order some actually. More water water water ... and more trips to the ladies room!

Hope all of you are keeping your goals in mind for today and the new year. My goal for the next decade is to get considerably healthier. I'll be turning 40 :::shiver::: and would like to do so in much better shape than I am now, and with life skills to support that lifestyle moving forward!

- Allison

Monday, December 28, 2009

Emerging from the fog of rationalization and gluttony

::wipes sleep from eyes::  Wow.  What a 3 day spree of rationalizing bad behavior!  It started Thursday night ... ended last night.  I guess that might be 3.5 days of gluttony :) 

I am pretty much over the holidays and ready to get back to the program.  As of this morning I weighed in at 262.2 (up 2 from Thursday morning).  I've tracked my calories ... definitely have had surpluses, but not to the degree of 2 pounds or 7000 calories.  When I am not eating well, I also further the damage by not drinking the correct amount of water.  Dehydration is definitely an issue and one I plan on tackling today.  Planning out what I need to do today :

Drink 3 32oz water bottles
2 shakes for breakfast
2 shakes for lunch
1 fiber bar for snack
Dinner - entree meal and green beans
2 shakes/pudding for dessert.

I hope to control the sodium, have more water and get back to low fat.

One thing is for sure, during my haze of the holidays, I just did not feel well in my belly.  Being plagued with digestive issues this past year ... I was doing fairly well on my program.  After introducing things like sausage and fat into my diet ... suddenly not feeling so well!  The thrill is gone, for that I am sure.  Fat and possibly onions are adding to my discomfort.  Unfortunately onions are harder to avoid as all of the entrees I have include onions.  Its a guessing game!

The other half of course is moving my a$$.  Fairly certain I set a record for slothing around the house this weekend.  Not awesome.  I am, however, not feeling well and have a bit of a fever ... going to the doc later today.  Exercise wise, probably need to take it easy.  My focus today will be on reaching the goals above, watching calories / sodium and re-hydrating!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  My fav present is a lovely camera backpack that will promote me becoming further camera poor and having a viable way to carry all of my things on my back ... which will promote getting out of the house! 

New Years is coming up ... thank goodness blackeyed peas are okay :)  Of course I usually spend the day drinking Mimosa's, watching football and disassembling my tree.  We will see where we are next weekend ... I can live without my mimosa's ... but do I really WANT to? 

I WILL GET RID OF THE EXTRA 2 LBS BY THURSDAY ... just making that clear :)


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This morning weigh-in (lost 2.6) and tonight Pizza Hut pasta.  The good news is that I found out the nutritional information, weighed to the gram ... and counted the calories on everything the best I could.  Of course I must have had about 8k grams of sodium...but calorie wise I am doing okay.  Drinking lots of water!!!

Tomorrow, Christmas, is a day off from the diet.  Saturday, day after Christmas ... BACK ON.   Making a southern breakfast for my boyfriend and some family ... then having a proper dinner at a friends house.  My hope goal is to wake up ... have a double shake ... then serve breakfast.  As for the dinner, I will fend for myself! 

With the weigh-in I have uploaded my new GoWearFit report for this past week.  Overall not what I wanted to achieve, but not bad.  My average steps not over my daily target week...fix that.  On the upside I have increased my vigorous exercise and will do more of that next week.

Merry Christmas ... I am off to curl up with my book and enjoy the rest of my evening.  Tomorrow ... craziness!  Hope Santa is kind this year :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa brought me...

A SAM'S club size box of high fiber granola bars (Kellogs).  That is how you know your family is keeping an eye on your diet!!!

They will come in handy as I mill around the house all by my lonesome!  No major exercise feat today ... was stuck actually working most of the day.  Perhaps I will will make a double shake rather than find where my grandmother has stored those holiday cookies....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy cow I almost jogged!

Hey Ya'll,

Its been a great day ... finally back into a groove from the weekend.  My only activity over the weekend was accidental and totally shopping related.  Today, I went for my walk around the parking deck.  I decided about 4 steps in to try a little jogging pace.  I call it jogging, I am sure an agile old lady in a walker could of stll passed me, but it was definitely a jog vs my usual walking.  It was cool!  I managed to jog for several minutes.  There were certainly bouts of walking, but the jogging at the beginning of my walk was great.  My GoWearFit indicated 11 mins of vigorous activity and 18 mins of moderate activity.  Probably the most viperous activity I have had at one time in quite a while!!!  Anyway , it was awesome and I definitely plan on doing that again very soon.

 Here is the calorie burning diagram comparing walking / jog-walking.  Kind of hard to see because the calorie scales are different, but while jogging my max calories burned per min were about 14 per min.  While walking my max calorie burn rate was only around 11.  Not a huge thing, but certainly huge for me!

Anyway, I am running out of shakes and need to reorder soon.  I will find myself in a bind during the holidays I am sure.  Speaking of holidays ... I will be hosting a breakfast on Christmas as well as going to a friends house for a traditional dinner.  Not sure what to do there.  Counting my own cooking is one thing (albeit a pain in the ass) but counting someone elses cooking  might be a challenge.  My strategy will be to have a couple of shakes before each of these meals and hope that I naturally do not want to have much to eat.  I have decided this year to take Christmas off of the diet ... but only in such a way as to not go crazy and still try and capture what I am eating. 

That's all for now ... its time for some holiday cheer (non-food related).


Sunday, December 20, 2009

A nice Saturday - Day 10

A lovely day indeed!  Took a bit of a break from the shakes today and had my calories with oatmeal for breakfast, 2 HMR meals mixed for lunch ... and a little bow-tie pasta creation for dinner.  Not terribly healthy on the veggies front, but such is life!

After 2 days of being more or less a lump I managed to burn some calories and get some exercise.  Most of the activity was doing my favorite thing...SHOPPING!  I bought myself some silly hat with ear flaps and a matching scarf for walking in...I will be quite the spectacle at work.  It's Elmer Fudd chic ... and I will ROCK it :)  Naturally I bought a few more things for the tree.  In case you do not know already, I have a magnificent 80's fab / Miami Vice themed tree.  It is white and full of electric blue, pink, orange, green, and purple.

This tree is dedicated to the memory of Bea Arthur ... I think it spans the Maude and Golden Girls era :)

Anyway, that is all for now.  Time to go to sleep and start it all over again tomorrow.

Here is a shot of Saturday's GoWearFit reading.  Not bad, not bad!  Could have taken more steps...but I honestly wasn't trying!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Something is trying to kill me!

For the last 3 or 4 months I have been having strange stomach/abdominal pains after eating.  I've decided the majority of the issues must be related to a food intolerance...but what???  I don't think its a gluten issue, lord knows I would be dead with the amount of pasta and cake I have put away in  my time.  I am now suspicious of ONIONS!!!

I don't eat a lot of onion anyway, I don't care for them raw ... or noticibly on my food.  But something between my HMR shakes and my Lean Cuisine meal made me feel like I had taken a bite out of death and it was sitting in my stomach!  Soo much pain ... nothing really happening.  I am sure you are all glad for me sharing.  I think I am scared to eat anything today.  No shakes yet ... but had oatmeal for breakfast. I have felt fine all day.  For dinner I had another Lean Cuisine ... and hello twinges of pain. 

Hopefully not to the tune of lastnight where I was moaning almost in tears ... but its just a bummer.  I am such a lazy cook and I have no kitchen right now.  These frozen entrees - HMR entrees are what I am relying on to keep me on target. 

Anyway ... that is all I have today. It was miserable last night, so I have taken it easy. I haven't really done much in the way of exercise ... hope to make up for that tomorrow.  I foresee another trip to the mall dodging strollers and shoppers!  Calorie and hydration wise doing well.  Tonight for dessert I will have a nice double vanilla pudding with buterscotch and some cool whip (my fav). 

I am in holiday denial, BTW.  OOOH.  Speaking of holidays, here is a photo of the empty tray of cookies that mocked me all day each time I got up from my desk.  I didn't have ANY.  Yay me.  I am kept telling myself that I was sure that those buckeyes (peanut butter balls of goodness dipped in chocolate) probably sucked.  Hehe.

Oh, and in all of my misery I was still thinking of grandma's cookies.  How crazy is that???  :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week 1 Results

I lost 6 pounds this week!!!  Definitely more than I expected ... and a welcome boost in the holiday season!  My gluttony probably added a few on right at the end which would explain losing 6 pounds vs 3, but  will take it!!!

On paper (GoWearFit) I had a calorie deficit of about 11000 calories (3 lbs) so definately a good trend moving forward.  Now my goal is 30 by my 36th!!

-water water water
-moderate walk (need to give foot a rest)
-eat around 1200 calories
-commit to spending thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinets!

That is all for now, time to get ready for the day.


GoWearFit Summary - Week 1

Hi ya'll!  Great first week.  Tomorrow morning is my official weigh-in, but I did upload my data for GoWearFit and have posted it online:

Feel free to check it out!  Its very detailed showing day by day what I did...very interesting if you like graphs and numbers about someone else :)

As far as today goes, I probably didn't have enough to eat, only logged about 900 calories.  I think I will live....but I should strive to have more.  Met my goals for exercise, about 2 miles of walking during lunch, very refreshing!

It just hit me that xmas is about a week away.  I was so ahead of the game a month ago, but now I am falling behind.  Still trying to figure out what to give my elderly grandparents that are in their 90's. If they don't already have it ... they don't need it. If I get them anything snazzy and electronic, they don't know how to use it.  Only so many books I can give them ... sigh.  If I 1) had a kitchen and 2) felt like cooking I would make something to fatten them up.  Maybe I will give them the gift of booze.  Can't ever have enough wine.

That's all for now.  Good night and I'll be back in the morning to post my loss!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feeling the love again - Day 6

It's been a good day!  Noticing a trend during this first week...I seem to be stuggling about everyother day.  The good news is that each day I have struggled, I have not veered from the plan.  So, I would consider that all a great success.  With everything, it generally takes a couple weeks to get into a routine and for it to become easier. I am sure it gets easier ... I've been down this road several times!

People are asking me why I chose this time of year to start this diet.  That is a darn good question!  Partially due to the complete gluttany of the last couple of months and not wanting to continue down that path for another month.  I think the other part of me is trying test myself.  In my mind I must not be serious unless I am willing to drop everything and begin.  So that is why I decided now to get started.

Today I joined (rejoined) the gym by my office.  I already have an LA Fitness membership that makes 2 gyms that I potentially won't regularly go to :)  I kid, I kid.   I keep the LA Fit because I keep thinking I will start to swim laps again...or might want to go on the weekends.  I haven't had the heart to actually cancel the membership because that feels like giving up.  Seems stupid when i realize the number of years I have had the membership and my bouts of not going.  In any case, I do enjoy the small gym by the office.  I can use the equipment before/during/after work and have a nice place to shower , change ... oh and they do my laundry. I dont even have to wash my gym clothes.  Sweet.

I ordered a few workout items from shorts and t-shirts.  Bike shorts are our friends people, especially when you have my thighs :) 

That's all for now.  If there is any justice in the world, I will not walk into my grandmothers house tonight and get smacked in the face with the scent of freshly baked cookies!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Not sure if its the diet or the irritation at not being in my home ... but I am cranky pants tonight!!!  The only thing going for me to salvage the day is that I have managed to not eat any of the hundreds of cookies sitting within sight.

So ... about me ... I LOVE SWEETS.  I really do not care about potato chips and fries ... I am all about the cookies and cake!  Of course I came home and was hit with the smell of freshly baked almond butter cookies.  Instead of eating 15 of those ... I had 2 shakes and a can of new potatoes for dinner.  Okay, so maybe I do like chips and fries...hehe.  Not an inspired dinner, I know, but I have been living out of a can and freezer for 3 months.

I didn't get a chance to walk today, my foot is kind of bothering me.  Doesn't hurt to walk in shoes, but does hurt to walk barefoot, flex my foot, or put on shoes.  Only on the side of my right foot ... not sure the deal.  Hoping it magically goes away.

Okay, that is enough complaining for the day (of course only 5 mins left in the day!).  I am going to chill, have a calorie free xanax and hope to wake up in a better mood :)

My goal for tomorrow is to rejoin the gym by the office and take a walk, maybe do 4 laps (2 miles).

- Allison

PS.  spell check suggestions for xanax is  Xanadu.  Love it.  I think it works.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeling the diet love - Day 4

It's interesting ... yesterday I was like a crazed dieting nut-job wanting to do nothing but eat and laze around the house.  Today I woke up feeling energized and feeling good about overcoming all the temptation of my Saturday.  It's a much better place I assure you!

  1. Bought new walking shoes
  2. Had 2 shakes for lunch (will have 2 more for dessert)
  3. Lots of water
  4. LOTS of walking!!!!  
I tallied everything up and realized that I burned/didn't eat over 6400 calories in the last 4 days!!  That is awesome, if I do say so myself.  3 of 4 days I have made an effort to exceed my 30 mins of physical activity per day ... very very happy with myself. 

I am going to need to remind myself of this as my grandmother is currently in the kitchen making her Christmas cookies.  For those of you who don't know ... my BF and I are displaced from our home because of the flooding in Atlanta.  Hopefully we will be back in our new digs in a couple of months.  Mean while, I will be here, trying to resist those cookies.  The ONE thing I love more than my Grandmother are her damn cookies :)

Off to throw some more ornaments on my Miami Vice inspired tree and think about something other than those cookies that are baking in the oven!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just know that a serving of Cool Whip Light is an absurdly small amount of actual cool whip ... especially when frozen.  Perhaps I need to stop dipping into the container when its frozen!  That damn food scale breaks my heart every time.  :)

In need of distractions....

Wow is this a cold, rainy, miserable day outside today!  I've been a total lump all day.  My morning errands were uneventful, and since getting back home I've done nothing but watch a marathon of Law&Order SVU and think about all of the things I am not eating.  Just one of those days when I am feeling peckish and lazy. 

I've only had 2 shakes so far ... so that will be my last push of protein for the evening.  Now, if I can just keep my mind OFF of snacking, I will be good.  No walk today ... not feeling good about that. Rationalizing it away as "I needed a rest" or "its cold and miserable and I don't want to catch a cold" but still not feeling good about it.  Tomorrow, however, is another day.  I hope to get motivated to walk at the mall ... or around the neighborhood. 

I'm thinking butterscotch "pudding" tonight ... 2 packets ... with a topper of cool whip free.  Yum y'all

Sweet Butterscotch Pudding:

2 oz. cold water
1 packet HMR® 70 Plus Vanilla
1 tablespoon sugar-free, fat-free instant butterscotch pudding mix
  1. Empty packet of HMR 70 Plus into a small bowl or mug.
  2. Add water and mix with a spoon until smooth.
  3. Stir in butterscotch pudding powder.
  4. Optional: For a thicker, colder pudding, refrigerate for 10 minutes after mixing.

If that doesn't satisfy what appears to be my insatiable appetite, its going to be an evening with an Ambien and my Kindle!

It all hurts!

Don't have a lot of time this morning as I am already running late, but I wanted to check in!  I had a great time at the office bowling party.  Managed to avoid ALL the sliders, wings, chicken tenders ... etc.  Have I mentioned my LOVE of wings...anyway.... didn't have a morsel.  Gave the drink tickets away, and had 2 large diet Pepsi's.  It was a great time ... and 3 hrs of mingling and bowling actually counted for about 2000 steps AND 20-30 additional "moderate activity" minutes. 

All very good for me ... now I just cant move.  My body hurts!  Sad I know!

Weekends are hardest for me because they are not as regimented as the work week.  My plan is to scarf down something for b-fast that is high protein...maybe a quick double shake and run errands.  Reality is that I will most likely avoid most social events for a while ... but that is okay, I have a Christmas tree to finish decorating and stuff to buy/wrap!

I am posting my stats for yesterday's GoWearFit report.  Its awesome.  2300 calorie deficit for the day.  Love it!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Motivation for the Weekend

Ahh...what a great day!  I know its grey and dreary outside but I am feeling great.  My BF is officially an architect!!! Many many years of hard work and exams, and its finally done!  The first day of The Plan went very well, and day 2 is shaping up nicely.  I've had 4 shakes, lots of water, taken a nice walk, and am looking forward to an evening out with my co-workers for a holiday bowling bonanza!

I know there will be some yummy snacks available but I will resist.  There is a delicious Smart Ones Chicken Parm in the freezer that I will have before I go ... and a Fiber One bar as a snack if needed while there.  I figure that will keep me going and "in the box". 

Here is a picture of me all bundled up for my walk (3 laps in the deck ...about 1.5 miles and 2k steps) :

Looking good with my earmuffs, gloves with pink rubber grippy thingys and scarf.  Embracing my inner bag lady!

I'll be interested to see how much moderate activity the GoWearFit captures while bowling. I'll keep you posted!

- Allison

Thursday, December 10, 2009

GoWearFit screen grab - Great first day!

Ew...gained 12.2 pounds since August 18th (thanks flood stress!) but as of today I am ON A WEIGHT LOSS TREND!!!

Very good first day so far!

Hey all...I wanted to report that I did INDEED take my walk. I did 20 mins outside (2 parking deck laps) which I am sure was about a mile. Not a huge workout, but definitely what I needed to get me going in the right direction.

Today I have:
• well over 64 oz water
• eaten well
• met my 5000 steps goal
• met my 30 mins of moderate activity goal

Being at work makes it easy...going home makes it more difficult. I figure the worst case scenario is that I drug up, read, and go to bed early :)

Time to go have another double shake (making 5 total so far) before I go home.

You know its bad when your new diet is the BEST PART of the day!

My day, so far, sucks. But I have very much enjoyed being on my new track for the last 6 hours of consciousness. Nothing really wrong … just had a bad morning which led me to have a nice headache most of the day and generally grumpiness! That is OKAY however, because I am feeling very good about starting the diet today. I know that word diet is bad, but I have 35 years of programming.

Why did I start today? Mostly due to the fact that my shipment of HMR shakes arrived yesterday … nothing scientific in that! I felt that starting on Monday was just going to give me another 3 or 4 days eating like its 1999. Which, is what I did last night around 11pm. In fact, my 11th hour nosh gave me a tummy ache that most likely started my whole bad day to begin with. I will just consider it behavioral conditioning : Moose Tracks = miserable tummy ache!
Okay, so what I’ve accomplished so far on the big diet.

1) Weighed and measured a few things (yuck and yuck) but at least I have a baseline. I will have my photo taken in a few mins (again, yuck).
2) Had almost my entire day’s worth of water already, only 16 oz to go!
3) Had my vitamins/fish oil/ etc ( I am very bad at taking pills)
4) Had 3 shakes so far (about 330 calories). I am feeling a bit nipish, so I need to graze some more on something
5) TRACKED what I’ve eaten … so it all counts

That’s about it. My goal was to take a walk, but its damn cold outside. I may walk in circles in our building later or go to the mall. Just want to take a 30 min walk, nothing too exciting.

That’s all for now, meetings and clients await!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Plan - Please Read

The Plan

In the past I have found success (albeit short term) with following the HMR Program.  For those of you who are not familiar, its a program that is generally administered under medical supervision as a VLCD (very low calorie diet).  There are "at home" versions that do not have to be medically supervised and follow a slightly higher calorie plan overall. 

The program is based up on meal replacements.  The "hard core" version consists 100% of meal replacements, but in an unlimited fashion.  There are shakes, bars, entree's and soups.  Each shake is roughly 100 calories, very high protein, and very low fat.  I use the HMR 70 shakes that are lactose free (vanilla and chocolate). 

Anyway … all that being said, my plan this go around is to use the meal replacements as an easy alternative during the week … and  substitute a "sensible" meal for the entrees.  I don't mind the meals, though some people cannot tolerate them, but they are pricy.  $3.50 a pop…and I generally  have 2 for dinner (mixing and matching) … it adds up. 

For me, I am like a robot when I am in the zone.  I don't want to think about what I am going to eat, i don't want to have to make a decision on what will keep me on target…essentially i need to have a no-decision program, which also lends to NO RATIONALIZATION for straying.  Clearly that is not a long term successful way to be as its very isolating…so I am going to try and find a middle ground.

My secret weapon will be using GoWearFit to track everything I am eating (all nutritional info) as well as all the calories I am burning by exercising and just being alive.  Check out the website linked, it really is an awesome tool if you don't know about it.  I wear an arm band 100% of the time (not in the shower/swimming) and it tracks activity, steps, even measures sleep efficiency.  The armband collects data and I dump it into their program / website and it tracks everything.  The results are awesome reports that show progress … averages … day to day evaluations, etc.   Once I start getting weekly data I will link them on the blog. 

My strategy is simple math:  creating calorie deficits using restricted daily intake and burning calories via physical activity to lose weight.  Each pound of body weight is roughly the equivalent of 3500 calories.  So, to lose 1 pound a week, you would need to determine the amount of calories per day that you need to eat to maintain your current weight … and then reduce/burn the amount that will total 3500 a week.

Here is a link to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (calories per day your body burns)

Take that # and multiply x 7 for your weekly total of calories to break even.
Multiply the # of pounds you want to lose a week  x 3500 for calories you need to burn/not eat
Subtract the two and divide by 7 to get the target of calorie consumption per day.

Here is mine:

2506 x 7 = 17542 (calories per week to maintain current/starting weight)
2 x 3500 = 7000 (calorie deficit needed to lose 2 lbs)
17542 - 7000 = 10542 / 7 = 1500 calories per day TARGET max calories

By eating less / working out more than the target above, ideally I should be able to lose more than 2.  This of course changes weekly as your weight decreases. 

FYI, if you are following Weight Watchers, that equals about 30ish points (each point roughly being 50 calories). 

Here is a spreadsheet that can help with your weight loss projections and may help you keep track or stay motivated.  The file was created Ken of and tweaked a bit by me. Check it out:

So folks, there is the plan.  To execute here is what I am going to do for myself (not advocating for anyone else)

1) have 4 - 6 shakes a day (2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch, 1-2 as dessert) - 660 - 700 calories per day
2) keep dinner and snacks low fat and high protein
3) drink 64 oz of water a day - crystal light/ocean spray cran drink mix
4) diligently track what i am eating using GoWearFit to look at total nutritional picture
5) daily vitamin / fish oil / dietary supplements
6) start walking - targeting 5000 steps a day / 30 minutes of "moderate" activity a day per GoWearFit
7) keep up with blog / twitter as much as possible

That's about it! 

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you …. talk to you more about GoWearFit or HMR, etc.

Good luck!


T-minus 1 and counting...

Tomorrow is the day, though today I have been mentally ready to go. Celebratory cake in the break room announced ... I ran in thinking "its my 11th hr cake!" but I didn’t really eat it. My heart wasn't in it...which is awesome!

Tonight I will be buying a few essentials for myself before I get started. Mostly just picking up a few odds and ends at the grocery and making sure that I have a water bottle. Nothing TOO exciting.

I will post a bit later with information on The Plan.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Short but Sweet like most of you I feel off the wagon. And by fell i mean jumped ... and by wagon i mean 20 story building with no parachute!

I realized that a year ago I was in "the zone" drinking HMR shakes and eating those meals to get ready for a trip. Trip happened in January ... and I never made it back to where I want/need to be!

Good news, I didnt gain ALL of my 30 lbs back...bad news, I gained most of it. I think i was up to 268ish this morning. Much like my blog, I have also avoided the scale. I feel like a big bloated turd most of the time (nice, i know).

I ordered my HMR shakes and some meals, they are ON THE WAY. I still have my activity arm band (GoWearFit) so I will be tracking everything IN and everything OUT.

My HMR delivery is scheduled for 12/9 *tomorrow* and the shakes will begin on Thursday 12/10. I am doing this solo, again, so I will be weighing in every Thursday ... nice day of the week if I don't say so myself!

Is there anyone out there that will join me? DJ ...i see you are out there!

Let me know if you see this, otherwise, we will find each other again!