Monday, October 4, 2010

Mission Accomplished

BodyMedia FIT data 10-4-10
  • Calories Burned - 2653 
  • Calories Consumed - 1530 
  • Total Activity - 0:44 |
  • Steps Taken - 5730
The good: accomplished my goals for the day with exercise, water, and food.  The not so good: my knee snapped like a rubber band during my walk.  I am hoping it feels better tomorrow. 

That is all for today!

Monday Blahs

Here we are at the beginning of another long work week.  Job is stressful, but I find a certain amount of satisfaction when I am following a plan.  Gives me something personal to focus on instead of getting wrapped up in all the work stuff. 

I have a focus issue, probably one of they many reasons I am where I am today.  Yesterday was a great example.  One social event and I totally lose all focus and control.  It was then my excuse to spend the entire day not being good to myself.  "Oh, its a party" or "it's Sunday ... i will start again Monday", these excuses were running though my head all day and night.  I will say one good thing about myself.  I did keep track of what I ate. Did I stop myself and make a better choice in my eating habits, no ... but I did write it down and keep track in my daily log.  I figure it was a wash of a day. 

Let's move on to today!  I have the blah's, as I do every Monday...but I am getting inspiration around the promise of a great week taking care of myself.

Here is what I am doing to motivate and prepare for my success this week:
  1. Blocked an hour off each day on my work calendar to take a walk.  The first step in taking care of myself is allowing myself to take priority.
  2. Prepared and planned breakfast and lunch items for the work week.  I am terrible at planning and following though when it comes to my meals at work.  I have egg beaters, sandwich thins, ham, grits, protein bars, HMR shakes, and lean cuisine meals for the week.  Even better, I have them AT WORK.
  3. I will drink 2 L of water each day at my desk.  I am putting THAT on my calendar as well.  Why is drinking water so darn hard for me?
  4. Sharing goals with a friend.  I feel so alone in this...hopefully I can find someone to commit to taking some of these steps with me.  At minimum I am here, blogging to myself, sharing on Facebook and of course my twitter.  BodyMedia FIT has made that easy.
That is all for now.  I need to drink my first liter of water, and get started on the rest of my day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A good day ... a good start!

Well, lets not throw a parade or anything but I am proud.  Most Saturday's I would have sat around watching all of my newly TiVo'ed fall programming and perhaps not even leaving the house.  Perhaps that might explain where I am in my life, right?  Anyway...yesterday started much in the same way.  While looking at my BodyMedia info I decided that I needed to do something and start moving.  So, on the sneakers went and out into the neighborhood I went.

I had a nice solid 30 mins of activity, which is more than I have had on purpose in a LONG time.  Felt good.  I even went out and did some "yard" work.  Really more "patio" work...but for the first time in months my patio looks good. Overall a great and productive day.  Of course I still watched endless football games and caught up on TiVo ... but at least I did SOMETHING with my day. 

Today will be a different is brunch day in the hood.  I am bringing mimosa stuff.  There will be quiche and croissants abundant.  It will be tough, but I will try.  Not going to say that I wont be having a croissant, but what I will say is that I will take note of what I do have so that I can properly take accountability.

Great day ahead!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

BodyMedia FIT (GoWear FIT) and Facebook

Pretty nifty, just figured out how to link my daily snapshot onto my Facebook account.  I would really like to be able to do that with Twitter as well, but that is okay.

I am sitting here in my living room being a total couch potato, and just looking at my numbers from yesterday is motivating me to get up off my butt, put on some sneakers, and just take a walk.  Not sure where I am going ... but I need to start moving again!

Had a pretty good and filling breakfast:

  • Flat Out Honey Wheat wrap
  • 3 Eggs (scrambled with light marg)
  • some black forest ham (2 oz or so)
  • 1/4 cup 2% mild cheddar shredded cheese
Rolled it all up and it was delicious and HUGE.  I think this will sustain me for quite a while, especially while I go out for that walk.

On the down note, I am getting fairly frustrated with my water retention.  I seem to be gaining 4 lbs of water weight every few days.  I take a water pill, it goes away ... then it slowly comes back over the next couple of days.  Not really sure what to do about it.  Probably should see the doctor.  I really want to lose some weight and live better and see if that helps.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's me again ... again!

Okay. So here we are again.  If I lost a pound for each time I started blogging about needing to get back to a healthy way of living and starting a new diet chapter, I would be doing great! 

Self-snarkiness aside, I really do need to make a change. Recently I have been feeling terrible physically and mentally.  I've never had depression issues, at least none that I am clinically aware of ... but right now I feel like I am committing a slow suicide with each cupcake and bad food decision.

Earlier this week I woke up and was officially over it!  Ready to do something about it.  As many times as I have been at this crossroad, it is much better to be at this place then back in denial. 

So, this past week I have started being accountable again for my actions.  My main crutch will be my GoWearFit - BodyMedia FIT device.  It is an awesome little gadget that helps with setting, tracking, and achieving goals.  Go check out their website if you are not familiar with the system. 

To be fair, posting before photos of me (which are not at ALL flattering) is the way to "keep it real" so here you go:

Hot, right?  Anyway, this is me in all of my about 280 lb, 5'1" glory! We are going to call these "before". 
That is all for now.  I will write more this weekend.  I just wanted to get the blog started again and post those lovely self portraits! 

More on my plans later...