Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's pretend that didn't happen...

Logging in for the first time in a year and there is my last post, a virtual high-five to myself. Well...2013 was an interesting year. Some good and some bad. Roller coaster to be honest. I did whatever, whenever. We will call it a growing experience, literally. I discovered a new hangout and many new friends...many new drinks and a few more pounds. So... Here we go. Getting this derailed train back on track

Using a new iPad app but you get the idea. I am up 30 lbs.  My first and most immediate goal is to stop the drinking. Pretty sure I drank a liter of whiskey in 4 days. Yep. I went for a year with very little alcohol...I can do this. Next, drink more water. I'm parched. 

Weight goals? I would like to be feeling closer to "myself" by May 1. I've a wedding to attend and hope to connect with friends old and new.  I can do this. Probably shouldn't put a number on the goal, but that number is 190.