Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 8 with Medifast


Just had my 8th weigh-in since beginning the Medifast program on March 12th.  Delighted to report that there is 22.7 pounds less of me than there was in March.  Woo!

Here is probably my most significant non-scale victory (NSV)...a couple weeks ago I went to the doctor to get a blood panel run for a checkup.  In Jan of 11 my cholesterol was high at 226.  As of last week, my total cholesterol is a nice 161!  My life has been consumed with counting calories, fat grams and pounds.  I'd never really cared about my cholesterol because there were so many other things for me to worry about.  Knowing that it was high was well...not a huge deal for me because I just didn't really know why I should be worried.  That said, knowing that it has dropped 60 in the last 1.5 years is a great feeling. 

The only odd thing is that my good cholesterol keeps going down!  It is actually low.  Not sure why that is but I will try and do a bit of research to find out.  Logic assumes that it should go up with weight-loss.  Mine was at 52 1/11 and is now 38.  That is a significant drop.  If anyone has any thoughts, please share them.


I did spend the last week and a half being sick...sore throat, low fever...cough...the fun stuff.  I did stay on program though I found it hard to eat all of my meals.  Thankfully I had lots of hot cocoa and other hot drinks from Medifast in my pantry.  My exercise has stopped because of the illness but I need to kick that up a notch.  Still feeling a bit wonky, my throat or glands are being stubborned but it is time to do something active.  I would love to start swimming again.  I may try to get up really early one morning and go before work. 

All for now!