Friday, June 22, 2012

40 lbs gone since Jan 2012

We are at the mid-year mark and so far I am down 40 lbs!  Put that with the 15 or so I lost they year prior and I am doing pretty well!  I found a pic from 2009 where I weighed 270.  Also featured is a picture of me this week wearing a skirt for the first time in ....well....maybe 7 years. 
6 months and 40 pounds later...
You know how some women think they look fatter than they really do?  Well...I have the opposite disorder...I think I am much thinner and cuter than I really am.  Part of that illusion is to not look in a mirror from the shoulders down ... and never look at pictures of myself. When I look down at myself in the morning I see the same lumps and bumps that I did 40 lbs ago...but after seeing these pictures of myself, I finally see less of me!

There are my cheek bones...a waist ... and thank god a better bra! Buried in my closet were boxes of cute tops and skirts, 10s of skirts, dear god...why do I have so many skirts?  I guess when I lost a lot of weight in 2003/2004 I went out and bought every cute skirt I could find.  Anyway, only 2 of the skirts fit now, but there are a few 24's that are close ... and many 22's and 20's waiting for attention.  They are waiting patiently in my closet for the rest of the summer.

Off to have another Medifast meal...I am late tonight!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Huge Victories -- Scale & Non-Scale

it's been a while since my last blog entry but things are going very well. I started this journey on March 12 2012 ans I am finishing up my 12th week on the Medifast program. In that 12 weeks I have lost an amazing 31 lbs !

During that time I have met the challenge of a vacation in San Francisco and I have 2 more big trips coming up...a week in the Outer Banks and a trip to St. Pete beach. With those trips I will have a full kitchen at my disposal and the opportunity to pack what I want...flying across the country and staying in an old boutique hotel was not as easy!

It can all be managed, that is about all I can offer on that topic. My desire to not eat high carbs far outweighed any minor temptation. Maybe I am in a honeymoon phase, but I am very motivated to continue this streak of accomplishment and better health.

So that is all about my scale victories. Let's talk non-scale:

1) Clothing, being able to shop in a store other an Catherine's and buy pants is a real treat. I bought 2 pair of slacks from Lane Bryant, size 26, and they were perfect. I recognize that size 26 is not something to generally celebrate, but I had been wearing a 30 or so in non-elastic waisted pants. Can't find those anywhere.

2) This was a discovery last night. I flew to Tampa and realized that non only did my tray table come all the way seatbelt fit WITHOUT AN EXTENDER!!!!! I almost cried tears on joy on the plane.