Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everything old is new again

Okay .. here we are.  I find it funny that my LAST post was all about a big accomplishment, and here I am 9 months later ... starting all over again.  Such is life, right?

So here we go...this time I am going to do Medifast.  I have decided that I cannot be held accountable right now to make grown up decisions on my food, so it is back to regimented menus delivered to my door.  I decided Medifast over HRM for several reason ... the most significant being that it is low carb and there is more variety.

UPS will be delivering my new diet by the end of this week and I will be starting next Monday.  What will I be doing before then you ask?  Eating the rest of my oatmeal, weight watcher frozen dinners, drinking 8 bottles of wine, oh ... and perhaps a birthday cake (38 on March 8th!).


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