Friday, December 31, 2010


Hmm.  New Year is upon us ... a new decade (really, the decade did not start with 2010).  I need to make some changes...obviously.  I seem to be on the road to agony...literally.  Almost to the point of non-functioning person, a ghost of who I used to be and who I should be. Time to change directions!

Happy New Year.  Time to purge the old baggage and by baggage I mean everything that is holding me back!

More soon...



Kelly! said...

I feel you girl! This post is exactly how I feel I how you worded it haha but hope your new years is good ! :D

Kelly! said...

haha yay for weight watchers! I'm trying to keep up to speed and figure out exactly what this new points plus system is it's really confusing and ruining my motivation! haha but yay for distant support! haha one of my best friends lives in another country so trust me if we can do it, you guys can!