Sunday, April 24, 2011

The wagon and I are back on!

It is good to be back on track!  This was a very good week.  Not what I wanted exercise wise (my bad) but I am logging again and being accountable.  After a long 2 months, I am into the next "decade" or the 250s!  Not terribly impressive on the surface, but for me, a milestone.  Looking back, this is where I was a year ago.  What a waste of time when I think about the 6 months it took for me to gain about 30 pounds, and the 6 months it has taken for me to lose it again.  Glad its gone, but I want to kick myself.  How many calories would that burn?

A&E has a program, Heavy.  Episode after episode have been collecting on my DVR for the last 6 months.  Finally I sat down to watch...and watch...and watch.  10 or 11 episodes to be exact.  Premise simple...people on the verge of a physical crisis spend 6 months focusing and working on themselves.  Each week follows 2 new people and ends with their progress after 180 days.  I would say that it really inspired me to expect more from myself.  The Biggest Loser and competitive weight-loss shows have really never floated my boat.  The fact that those contestants are in need of serious help, but then ultimately get voted out, really bugs me.  Anyway, I am sure many people are inspired by that programming ... I've just never been interested.

These people in Heavy were really like me in many ways.  Rarely do I find someone on television that I can relate was illuminating.  Men and women, young and older, all with BMIs that resemble mine ... exercising ... suffering ... losing.  Reminds me that I can really do more than I give myself credit for.  How can I complain about a bad knee when a 440 lb woman who has my same body type is suffering though?  Clearly I am a baby.

Anyway ... interesting show, hope it sticks around.  To celebrate I walked for 30 mins and did a bit of a Wii dancing game.  Now I just need to work on exercising during the work week since I am not able to go to a facility and dive in for 6 months :)


Fat Guy in a Little Coat said...

First, agree with you about the show Heavy on A&E. It did encourage/inspire me a bit.
Second, glad to find your blog and happy to read your back on the wagon. :-)

Third, I'm wondering how you managed the cool weight loss widget/chart on the left side of your blog?

I'm doing an anonymous (for now) HMR blog.

Best of luck as you continue moving forward!

Allison S. said...


I hope you have time to read some of my older posts that are focused on HMR. I know that program very well and can always offer you any food tips. I've spent about 12 months total on that plan exclusively (not healthy solutions) though I am not doing it now.

For the weight char on the blog, I just did a simple "insert HTML/Text" widget from blogger and made my own chart using their basic editor. The fancy work is in the weight loss projection chart linked from the left. Check that out.

Good luck! Stop by again!


Ali said...

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