Sunday, April 17, 2011

Same ole same ole

Hi All (or hey you),

I've been quiet on the blog, but that doesn't mean that I have derailed...this time!  Doing well over here.  The WW plan has still been in effect, perhaps not as religiously as it should, but still going in the right direction. 

I didn't win or place in the work contest, but that is okay.  I lost 14 lbs during the competition, and that is awesome.  No complaints on that.  My dear friend and soon to be bride Kristen took home the award money.  Pleased I could help contribute to her bridal war chest :) 

If anyone is out there ... tell me how you are doing as this spring season kicks up into gear?  Hopefully most of the allergy season is finished and people and go outside again and enjoy this weather.  One of the few things I have going for my physically is that I do not suffer from allergies like many do.  My parents both do but I was spared.  Of course I did inherit other gems, but such is life.

Speaking of inheriting ... not that many of you know me for real, but I have a younger sister, 27, and she is pregnant with her first child!  Yay!  Looking forward to being Aunt Allison.  No children are in my plans for life, so I am glad I get to live vicariously though her in some way. 

What is next...being more diligent with my diet.  I have definitely been complacent and that is yielding very modest results.  I need to get back in the game with vigor and kick start my weight loss again.  The beach is fast approaching!  Got to work on my beach bod, right?  Ha!

Oh, also time to strap on my damn BodyMedia FIT.  That means its time to keep it real :)

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