Friday, April 27, 2012

Lazy Blogger!

For my one reader (Thanks Ally!) I apologize for being so darn lazy with the blogging!  Historically a quiet "My Inner Thin" was indicative of me falling off the wagon and slinking quietly into the kitchen for ice cream.  I am please to say that NOT THIS TIME!!!!

I think I have been doing Medifast for about 6 weeks and my total loss to day on this plan (since March 12 2012) is over 18 lbs!  In those 6 weeks I have accomplished many things that I am proud of:
  • eating more veggies 
  • went so San Francisco and stayed on plan
  • manged to walk over 5 miles a day in SF and lived to tell
I am sure there are many more, but really the big thing is that I am preparing more and more real food, and that includes veggies.  I can actually see myself incorporating the vegetables into my every day when I do transition.  Seems like a no brainer for most people, but I haven't eaten non starchy vegetables ...well...ever.

I have made zucchini a few times...always replacing where I would have had pasta in the past.  I've even had and almost enjoyed broccoli.  The prep and proper cooking of the vegetables still intimidates me, but I keep trying.  Of course I have had several salads with greens and my old stand by, low sodium green beans (canned).

Right now I am focusing on where I will be when I go on my first beach trip for the summer.  Will head to Hatteras the first week of June.  If all goes as I have planned, I will be well on my way to being a weight that I have only really been twice in my adult life, really in memory at all.  That seems pretty major!  I have never really been a big yo-yo dieter, I just trended up.  In 1999 while I was working on my feet all day, a starving student, and on WW I got down to maybe 235.  That was the first time I had actually lost any weight as an adult.  In 2003 I did HMR for the first time and trimmed down to 190.  That was fleeting ... but again, the only other time I lost significant weight.  I have lost 20 here and 30 there but I keep starting from higher and higher and never seem to break into those 230s.  So my goal is to see the low 230s before June 1.

So ...  18 down, 13 or so to go.


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