Friday, June 1, 2012

Huge Victories -- Scale & Non-Scale

it's been a while since my last blog entry but things are going very well. I started this journey on March 12 2012 ans I am finishing up my 12th week on the Medifast program. In that 12 weeks I have lost an amazing 31 lbs !

During that time I have met the challenge of a vacation in San Francisco and I have 2 more big trips coming up...a week in the Outer Banks and a trip to St. Pete beach. With those trips I will have a full kitchen at my disposal and the opportunity to pack what I want...flying across the country and staying in an old boutique hotel was not as easy!

It can all be managed, that is about all I can offer on that topic. My desire to not eat high carbs far outweighed any minor temptation. Maybe I am in a honeymoon phase, but I am very motivated to continue this streak of accomplishment and better health.

So that is all about my scale victories. Let's talk non-scale:

1) Clothing, being able to shop in a store other an Catherine's and buy pants is a real treat. I bought 2 pair of slacks from Lane Bryant, size 26, and they were perfect. I recognize that size 26 is not something to generally celebrate, but I had been wearing a 30 or so in non-elastic waisted pants. Can't find those anywhere.

2) This was a discovery last night. I flew to Tampa and realized that non only did my tray table come all the way seatbelt fit WITHOUT AN EXTENDER!!!!! I almost cried tears on joy on the plane.

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