Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going Strong

I am still doing well on the Medifast plan!  So far I am down 60 since Feb/March!!!  Feeling great.  Looking better. Very exciting. 

I do Medifast but not exactly to the degree that is intended.  I really don't do much more than count calories and track anything that might be a condiment or healthy fat.  If i have 3 packets of spenda and a dash of spice... i am not really going to count them.  If I have a tablespoon of 1 carb catsup ... I dont really care.  If I am hungry and decide to have a wedge or 2 of Laughing Cow cheese ... well... its just 70 more calories added to the list.   I do try and eat the 5 meals ( guilty of doing 4 frequently) and protein (guilty of skipping greens all together). If I am out and not measuring my veggies and protein I just try and eat low carb and lowish fat.  Regular cheese is just fine if that is all that's on the salad bar.

My method ... works well enough that I haven't veered beyond that.  Three amazing vacations (San Francisco, Outer Banks, St Pete Beach FL) and I have taken my Medifast meals with me.  Not really all that challenging.  For whatever reason I have not had any serious cravings.  Odd actually...I almost feel broken.  Even after doing things that MAKE you hungry ... no cravings or munchy attacks. 

I see myself on this plan about 3 more months.  Thanksgiving will be off plan.  For an entire 4 day weekend.  My hope is I stay true to my promise to not eat dessert or sugary foods.  I wont be on plan, but if I am going to eat carbs, i want it to be with food that is non-sweet.  Sweets are like crack for me.  I can give or take bread.  Not sure if i will be ready to hop back on the wagon or if i would take a break over the holidays.  I hope I get back on the wagon, but being realistic part of me wants to just take the season off in the hopes that I would be reasonable, stay away from sweets, and then get back into the swing of thing in Jan.  Of course if I swear off sweets there is really no reason NOT to go back on until actual Christmas dinner.  The only reason to go off the diet would be to eat my weight in cookies!!!  So there, I just talked myself into to being a good girl!

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Ally said...

All that and you look fabulous too! :)