Monday, January 19, 2009

Back on the Wagon

Hi All!

I wanted to let you all know that today (as planned) I am back on the program. My trip to Hawaii was amazing, and I got a TON of exercise! We ate a lot ... walked a lot ... drank a bit ... snacked on macadamia nuts ...walked a lot... went to bed early. That was the agenda most days! We didn't get a lot of time at the beach or pool (bummer) but we did spend an amazing 3-4 hours snorkeling which definitely satisfied my beach requirement.

The good news, 2 days after being back home, my weight was the same as the day I left. WOOO! The bad news, I discovered the deliciousness that is Subway Tuna ... and my last 3 meals before getting back on the program included a tuna sub. I am a dork ... and can literally eat the same thing over and over. Ice cream ... cake ... tuna subs ... and HMR Shakes! For now, its back to the shakes. I don't really get bored easily so that's good.

Oh, another bit of bad ... I bought a pack of Lance Nekot peanut butter crackers at the airport for the trip home. After my couple of xanax and 1 ambien ... I wasn't conscious enough to eat them, so I had them Thursday night for a snack. Friday ... my first day back at work, my stomach was KILLING me. All day long ... pain pain pain. That night I realized I had a fever. Woke up feeling fine on Saturday but realized DUH ... Peanut butter recall (thanks state of GA). I must have had tainted cookies ... because there was nothing else that would have done it. Nothing like a touch of salmonella to get rid of those couple of pounds of water weight, right? Fortunately for all involved I didn't eat them on the plane!

PICTURES!!! I just posted my pictures on my handy dandy account, please enjoy. Feel free to comment. If you are totally bored and want to see my photos of Florence, Sorrento, Pompeii and Barcelona, feel free to view them from the picture page. After fighting with my old trusty 5MP Canon Elph ... I may get a DSLR in the next year. Once I have spent all my money making travel arrangements, pictures are all I can usually afford to bring home.

What I will say is that I managed to afford some tiki salt and pepper shakers ... and a kick ass muumuu. Its is avocado green ... with chocolate brown hibiscus print. I cannot tell you how much I love it. Its ridiculous and its mine! One day I will take a photo and share in its glory.

That is all for now.

Goals for this week :
  • Stay in the box
  • Water water water
  • Work out 4 times


Ken said...

Glad your back... oh your picture link on your blog page has an error. it should be

Allison said...

Thanks Ken ... all fixed!

Anonymous said...

I want a muumuu!!!! Or at the very least, a picture of yours. :) Glad you're back safely. Sara