Saturday, January 10, 2009

From paradise

Hi all...
After spending the "reasonable" fee of 16 bucks for 24 hrs of the internets I thought it best I eek out as much as possible!  I believe I will be disconnected at any time.  I am wondering how many Maitais I could get for that same 16 dollars....

Anyway, my flight was wonderful.  Its interesting that my introduction into "real" food happened at the airport.  I opted for an omelet rather than a doughnut.  The flight itself had a fairly large hot lunch ... I would tell you what it was, but I am not positive.  Definitely chicken chunks with some kind of red sauce, perhaps wine based.  What appeared to be a scoop of potato, but upon further inspection seemed to have some grits in it, perhaps very creamy cheese grits???  Not sure.  And some corn/green bean combo...and the cutest little salad ever (everything small is cute to me).

Then came the bread, lots of bread.  Chibatta bread sandwich ... baguette with lunch.  Needless to day, between that and my dinner, I might have exceeded my general calorie expenditure! 
Yesterday was amazing, our first full day on the island.  We decided to go walking around town a bit.  I think in all I walked 8 - 9 miles yesterday.  The steps on my SenseWear showed about 17000!!! I am pretty sure I haven't walked that much in years... perhaps collectively.  Okay, maybe not.  

Today is our beach lazy day ... I am not a huge beach person, but it will be nice.  I am not sure my skin has touched saltwater in 10 years.  And ... if the beach doesn't float my boat there are only about 5 pools on the premise to choose from. 
OH...on a not so happy note, I got a text from my BF around 12:30 ET telling me my car had been broken into at home, window broken, shitty radio halfway stolen.  Yay.  What a pain in the ass.  There goes my massage budget.  Bummer.  Oh well, of all crimes against myself or property, that would be the best scenario.  Not letting it mess up my weekend!
Take care all... and I am posting the one decent picture I have so far, not sure what is up with my camera or its operator, but I have suddenly forgotten how to take a picture that doesn't suck!


Gail said...

I'm so jealous that you're there, but thrilled for you! You'll continue to love it, I'm sure. BTW, I thought both of the pictures you posted were great! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!


DJ said...

So nice that you are starting off the year in paradise. Enjoy your vacation of a life time..I'm so jealous, especially since it's been 30 degrees in Texas for the past 3 days.

Ah well... My hubby and I hope to go next year 2010 (10 year wedding anniversary) - gives me a year to get ready. You'll have to tell me the best places to stay/go when your state-side again.