Tuesday, March 29, 2011


If you read my previous post (if I have any readers) you know that I am not super excited about my work client conference that requires me to wear the worlds worst company shirt that does not fit.  My anxiety levels are high just having to attend this event wearing that shirt.  Now ... to add insult to injury not only will I be gracing this event with my tight shirted self (picture Michelin man in blue) but NOW I have to sit, alone, at an information table and actually talk to people.  Sigh.  This does not excite me.  Maybe it will motivate me to start exercising.  Wonder if there are weight loss studies that correlate pounds lost to shirt tightness. 

In other news, my 8 week "Biggest Loser" contest is over today with a few work people. No chance that I am in the running for first or second place, but there is a fight for 3rd place.  I suspect I will not place in this contest, but I can say that I have lost 14 lbs since it began. Good job to me.  Hopefully a few of us can keep up the contest and do another 8 weeks.  That would be $25 bucks well spend and some good motivation. 

In summary ...money and fear motivating me for the next 8 weeks.  Woo!

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Ally said...

Allison...I'm with you on the tight tucked in shirt.

But congrats on the groovy could be 3rd place BL finish! :)