Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Blahs

Here we are at the beginning of another long work week.  Job is stressful, but I find a certain amount of satisfaction when I am following a plan.  Gives me something personal to focus on instead of getting wrapped up in all the work stuff. 

I have a focus issue, probably one of they many reasons I am where I am today.  Yesterday was a great example.  One social event and I totally lose all focus and control.  It was then my excuse to spend the entire day not being good to myself.  "Oh, its a party" or "it's Sunday ... i will start again Monday", these excuses were running though my head all day and night.  I will say one good thing about myself.  I did keep track of what I ate. Did I stop myself and make a better choice in my eating habits, no ... but I did write it down and keep track in my daily log.  I figure it was a wash of a day. 

Let's move on to today!  I have the blah's, as I do every Monday...but I am getting inspiration around the promise of a great week taking care of myself.

Here is what I am doing to motivate and prepare for my success this week:
  1. Blocked an hour off each day on my work calendar to take a walk.  The first step in taking care of myself is allowing myself to take priority.
  2. Prepared and planned breakfast and lunch items for the work week.  I am terrible at planning and following though when it comes to my meals at work.  I have egg beaters, sandwich thins, ham, grits, protein bars, HMR shakes, and lean cuisine meals for the week.  Even better, I have them AT WORK.
  3. I will drink 2 L of water each day at my desk.  I am putting THAT on my calendar as well.  Why is drinking water so darn hard for me?
  4. Sharing goals with a friend.  I feel so alone in this...hopefully I can find someone to commit to taking some of these steps with me.  At minimum I am here, blogging to myself, sharing on Facebook and of course my twitter.  BodyMedia FIT has made that easy.
That is all for now.  I need to drink my first liter of water, and get started on the rest of my day!

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