Friday, October 1, 2010

It's me again ... again!

Okay. So here we are again.  If I lost a pound for each time I started blogging about needing to get back to a healthy way of living and starting a new diet chapter, I would be doing great! 

Self-snarkiness aside, I really do need to make a change. Recently I have been feeling terrible physically and mentally.  I've never had depression issues, at least none that I am clinically aware of ... but right now I feel like I am committing a slow suicide with each cupcake and bad food decision.

Earlier this week I woke up and was officially over it!  Ready to do something about it.  As many times as I have been at this crossroad, it is much better to be at this place then back in denial. 

So, this past week I have started being accountable again for my actions.  My main crutch will be my GoWearFit - BodyMedia FIT device.  It is an awesome little gadget that helps with setting, tracking, and achieving goals.  Go check out their website if you are not familiar with the system. 

To be fair, posting before photos of me (which are not at ALL flattering) is the way to "keep it real" so here you go:

Hot, right?  Anyway, this is me in all of my about 280 lb, 5'1" glory! We are going to call these "before". 
That is all for now.  I will write more this weekend.  I just wanted to get the blog started again and post those lovely self portraits! 

More on my plans later...

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