Saturday, February 12, 2011


After two weeks of saying "I really need to do some exercise" I actually did.  Wooo!  It was a small start, but I feel very good about it.  Last week I ordered a couple of Wii games to see if it would help me do some exercising at home.  I have the Fit, but I really don't use it for much more than weighing.  The activities haven't really appealed to me, but I honestly haven't given it much of a thought in a couple of years.

I had been checking out some other things and found something called Walk it Out.  I feel very cheese in explaining that it is a walking video game.  The premise is that you are walking though this virtual video game town and as you step with the music you are able to open new routes, buildings, trees, etc.  You start with nothing but paths and minimal scenery ... and you start unlocking street signs, street lamps, trees, etc.  Yes, it is silly, but I actually had fun doing it!

I spent 30 mins solid on the game and according to by Bodymedia Fit arm band I had 21 mins of moderate activity, 6 minutes of vigorous activity, walked 3100 steps and burned 300 calories!  The game keeps track of steps and calories, but the step count is more about how the controller is being used vs actual steps.  Interestingly enough the burned calorie count within the game was about 280, so very accurate!  I would not use the game to count steps towards my daily goals or mileage for real, but it is fun none the less.

Anyway...I looked like an idiot hopping around, marching in place, almost jogging in place in my living room with the Wii nunchuck down my pant leg (dont ask) but I accomplished something that I hadn't accomplished in a long time.  THIRTY CONSECUTIVE MINUTES OF EXERCISE AND EVEN SOME OF IT HIGH INTENSITY!!!

The other game I bought is Just Dance.  I haven't popped that one in yet, maybe later.  I don't expect to get the level of workout I got with the walking game, but dancing is fun.

Hope you are all enjoying your day, the weather here in Atlanta is cool but gorgeous!

Tomorrow is WI #6.  I have been on program with my food, but have not exercised until now.  My expectations are not super high for a loss that will be substantial, but I am so proud of myself for sticking to the actual food piece 6 weeks into the new year.


UPDATE:  I did another 25 mins after my original 30.  Wooo!

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