Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Looming

Two more days until I begin my jet set vacation to sunny Palm Springs!  My work week has been bananas so it has been difficult to muster up some excitement.  More so I am always a bundle of anxiety getting ready for a trip.  No exceptions this time!  Now I am not only worried about the usual logistics (ya know, getting to my destination and realizing I forgot to pack any underwear) but now I am fretting over what the heck I am going to be eating for a week!!!  I can hear everyone now, "It's vacation Allison ... who cares?".  I feel like a recovering crack head...what if I have one taste of pancake and can NEVER QUIT? :)  Perhaps I haven't mentioned my pancake issues.  Pretty sure my last meal would be the pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  In fact, that was my first meal after 9 months on a liquid diet :)

So perhaps I will start small and make a pledge now:  

I, Allison, of fairly unsound mind and body, do pledge that no buttery maple pancakey goodness will touch my lips for the duration of my vacation. 

Okay, there you have it.

Also, I plan on consulting that nifty "Dotti's Weight Loss Zone" website for assistance with planning when possible.  How nifty that there is an iPad app also???  Very nifty ... and it is now mine.  Even though the majority of the listings do not have PointsPlus listed, I can guestimate by adding a point or two to what is listed.  Not an exact science, but better than pancakes at every meal.  I am also planning on packing a stash of Clif Builder Bars ... my go to protein bar.  LOVE them.

Off to worry a bit more about packing my 18 gadgets, chargers for 18 gadgets, spare batteries for 18 gadgets ... etc.


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