Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Week, Another WI

Hello Blog world!  It has been a quiet week I know.  Why?  Not sure really.  At the end of each day I feel like I have pretty much accomplished the same things as the day before ... and the day before that, etc.  Fortunately for me, that means that I am staying on program with my food and counting my daily points.  It also means that I have not yet taken the plunge into the exercise world.

At the end of week 5 I am down another 1.8 ish pounds, making my total just under 13 total.  Woo!  Very pleased.  The last couple of weeks have shown me that eating right is great and all, but if I am not exercising I am limiting my results.  Apparently it really is diet + exercise = weight loss :)

Today I will charge up my nifty little GoWear Fit or BodyMedia Fit device that I will wear on my arm.  The program is pretty simple, you log what you eat calorie wise, it logs what you burn calories wise and at the end of the day/week there is a deficit.  Yay math!  Because I am doing WW for all of my food logging I have decided to take my average calories for the last 2 weeks and calculate that as my daily range for the BodyMedia program.  Fortunately I have the option to do that vs logging everything on 2 websites.  That would be a chore!

What else is new?  Oh, I did join in on a weight loss challenge with some folks I work with.  The other folks in the contest (12 in all) are mostly people I don't know (friends of friends who work elsewhere) but that is cool.  I decided to use my Wii Fit to log that weight vs my usual scale.  Not sure why, mostly because it is easier to take a picture of the number on the TV than it is on a glowing blue LED of the scale.  My camera did not love that glowing blue and essentially censored the reading, heh.  So, on my Wii I weigh in on Tuesdays and on my scale I weigh in on Sundays (for WW).  

The contest runs 8 weeks and the winner gets 200 bucks.  I put in 25, so my goal is to be in the top 3 so I at least get my money back!  The contest isn't really necessary as I am really in competition with my long term health, but it is fun, so what the heck.  I wish all the participants good luck, but obviously I hope I destroy them :)  My good friend a work who invited me to join the contest is losing weight for her wedding day (aww).  She has gone to the gym all week and will continue to go during lunch.  Good for her!  Seeing her bust her ass is motivating me to "get in the game" with some exercise of my own so that I am not lagging behind in this contest!

That is all for me right now. The Super Bowl is tonight. My plans, like the rest of the universe, is to make chili!  Of course no wings for me, but I am good with the chili. I may sprinkle some cheese on it to support the Packers.  Not really a Packers fan, but I REALLY am not a Steelers fan, so Go Pack!!!

Hope everyone has a great day and week!  Hope I come up with something to say between now and next Sunday :)  How about I talk about all the calories I am burning according to my BodyMedia Fit thingy?  :)


Polar's Mom said...

Wow, 13 pounds in 5 weeks is outstanding. And yes, unfortunately exercise is a key component for me, too. What a bummer, right? I think it really helps though to tighten things up since other things start loosening up as we lose weight...Yah get my drift? ;-) That is really cool about your work contest, I wonder if I could start that at my how does it work? Percent of weight lost? Closest to goal?

Polar's Mom

Allison S. said...

The contest is pretty basic. We take pictures of our starting weight (from the scale) and each week. The winner is determined from total percent of body weight lost. We all put 25 bucks in, so the more that partcipate the more we can win! First gets 200, second gets 50 and third gets their money back.

Yes, 13 is nothing to sneeze at! I really want to do what I can to put the best foot forward when I got Palm Springs in a couple weeks. I'd like to be in the next "decade", 260's!

Kelly! said...

You go girl 13 pounds! Holla!! And as for this competition you can get that 200 dollars! Keep up the amazing work and stop by to let me know what's new! :)