Wednesday, December 17, 2008

6 weeks down ... 3 weeks to go

3 weeks to go until I leave for Hawaii (Jan 8th). My short term plan is to follow the diet 100% from Nov 3rd to Jan 8th ... vacation ... come back and evaluate the budget to see what is best to do next. I really enjoy this program, I am a creature of habit and enjoy knowing what I am going to eat and when. Sadly, I could eat the same thing daily and not really care. Financially, the program is REALLY expensive. I average about $100 dollars a week in food. Having never really a big eater out ... I managed to spend much less on a regular diet, of course that regular diet kept me fat!

So ... perhaps a balance. Not sure the impact of using the shakes with something "sensible" for dinner. I know its a program with HMR, but I haven't really tried it. If anyone out there is doing a mixture on your own and being successful, let me know!

My widget for Traineo is broken (they made website "improvements") but I am officially down 18 lbs in 6 weeks. Having not had the initial high weight loss the first week, I am having a nice 3 pound a week trend. I will take it!

Here is a link to my latest SenseWear report . I am still in love with it and finding it very easy to wear. I have slacked on my trips to the gym ... but trying to get in as much exercise as i can...not doing a great job at it.

Anyway, I need to scurry to work. Hopefully traffic will be cleared up.

Everyone stay strong this week, for me its hard due to work stress and general holiday festivities. Did I mention my FAVORITE Cava was on sale at Publix this week. I might have purchased 3 bottles...not sure when I will have another "Mimosa Saturday" but when I do, I will be ready :)

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Sara said...

Allison: The cost is high, you're sooo right. For me, it's the accountability. I'm sure I could find a cheaper diet, but I LOVE the shakes and I really need the accountability. I keep rationalizing that it's for my physical and emotional health, and what's worth more? Everyone's different, and you may not need that accountability. What if you do shakes during the day and then the same dinner every night? You could easily figure out something that's about the same number of calories... Congrats on your great loss!!!!! Sara