Friday, December 12, 2008

my first tangible milestone!

Hi all. Its Friday and work is busier than ever (champagne problem these days) but I wanted to take time to write about my first tangible milestone with my recent weight loss.

So, as you know from my information I am not only horizontally challenged, but I am equally vertically challenged. Two months ago I ordered a pair of fairly tailored pants with a 24" inseam that I thought might actually fit. To my horror they would not fit over my tummy. The pants are fairly low rise, so not only did they not fit but I wasn't even sure that I could wear the cut because of the rise.

Today I decided to see if the pants fit (mostly because of a laundry crisis). Pulled them out of the mailing packaging and OMG they slipped right on!

Although the pants are still a very large size, they fit nicely and do not have ANY elastic in the waist band. The legs are a bit wide, so ironicly the pants look too big for me...but they FIT.

Its hard to see from the picture, but I have a fairly odd body shape. I am short...with slender legs and slender arms. I carry all of my weight in the middle, so pants that fit around the waist never fit in the legs.

Anyway, that is all for now!

Still loving my SenseWear. My challenge for next week is to see if it is possible to walk the recommended and targeted 10k steps while having a desk job that keeps me on the phone 60% of the day. How to people do it????


Sara said...

Congrats!!! Isn't that just the best feeling?! Sara

DJ said...

Cool story on the pants - I'm with ya on the short-n-round - I have thin runners legs, normal arms and no butt - so all of my weight in right in the center of by body and projecting out foward.

It's probably been 15 years since I found a pair of jeans that fit right in both the waist and legs.

BTW - Hawaii sounds wonderful - we talked about going there next year - I'm hopeing to be at a size when we go that I won't hide all the pictres like I have from past vacations.

Sara said...

Allison: Today was my weigh-in and I gained 1.4. Ugh. :(

Allison said...

Hey Sara,

It happens ... I can look at something with a lot of salt and retain 2 pounds of water! 2 days in the box with lots of shakes and that will be gone, plus some!

Stay strong!