Monday, December 22, 2008


Sorry I havent posted in a while. The last week has been discouraging, no slide in the scale at all. I am getting nervous as Hawaii is getting closer and closer!

My goal was to be in the mid 250's by Jan 8th, and it is still possible. Right now I am hovering around 260 and have been there for the last week. I havent been "in the box" like I should be. My work week was insane, I was busy from the moment I arrived until late in the afternoon. I would be though 3 meetings and realize that I hadnt had my morning shakes or any water. Not good. I know my body is in starvation/preservation mode. I wonder how long it will take to reverse that?

The weekend was not much better, not sure why. I think once you get out of the habit of doing something, its easy to just forget. Water has never been easy for me to get in ... and I have not been making the effort to correct that. Today, I will be shotgunning 40 oz ... twice. That should cover it.

On the plus side, I have NOT had any yummy treats that have been offered to me...everywhere I go! None of the two giant trays of baked goods that sat 3 feet from me at work all day Friday, none of Grandma's cookies (my favorites are the butter drops). I also managed to get some good exercise in at the mall saturday. I walked around for 2 hours, mostly doing laps ... some shopping.

Goals for this holiday week:

  2. more is better ... add in more meal replacements
  3. not have any of the delicious foods that will be offered to me, or that I will cook.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Wish me luck for those last 5 lbs before my vacation!

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Gail said...

You can do it!! :-)