Sunday, December 7, 2008

Long Week

It's been a loooong week, and I didn't take the time to post a new message. I could say it was due to working hard, etc, but I would be lying. My SenseWear came in the mail on Wed AND my new iPod Touch (32gb) showed up on Thursday, so I have been totally obsessed with my gadgets ever since!

Okay, the SenseWear is for my health, right? It's really cool. Although not cheap (450 for device and 6 months website membership) I have NO buyers remorse. This might be the best thing since slices organic multi-grain bread (keeping it healthy, of course).

So here is the deal with the SenseWear, in case it is new to you. There is an armband that you wear on your tricep and a display that you wear as a watch (optional). It keeps track of your body movement and calorie expenditures all day/night. You upload the data to the website, enter in your calorie intake ... and it creates a TON of graphs and charts. I do loves me some charts. Here is my data for the 3.5 days so far that I have owned the device, please take a look at the PDF report: Allison's Report 12.07.08 .

Um, the iPod touch is also ridiculously fun. All of the bells and whistles of the iPhone, but without having to give up my beloved BlackBerry. I will have plenty of things to keep myself busy on my 9 hour flights in January!

This week in weight-loss : Some challenges. I have had a hard time eating enough (ironic) and drinking enough water. Because both of those things are off, I don't think I am losing at the rate that I would like to. According to the Wii, I am down 14-15 lbs since Dec 3rd. Not too shabby. Definitely on my way to reaching my goal of being around the mid 250's by Jan 8th (Hawaii time).

Things I will work on this week to get my butt in gear:
  • Literally get my butt in gear by upping the exercise
  • Drink Drink Drink more water (I am setting an Outlook reminder)
  • 4 shakes during the day at work
All for now ... time to go make more shakes ... its almost 6pm and all I have had to eat were the double mocha shakes from this morning. I suck. :) Who EVER thought that eating enough would be an issue for me. I know I didnt get to be this size by forgetting to eat. Hmm.


Xavier said...

Wow, those charts are incredible and very motivating. Good luck with everything.

Hey, I discovered the chocolate waffles you can make with the 120 shakes and they are brilliant. The recipe is online and it has never been easier to get my daily number of shakes in. Good luck with everything.

DJ said...

Enjoy your new toys - I love my IPod Touch. Nice to meet another HMR blogger - keep yo your hard work.

Sara said...

I have experienced bloating from the shakes and wondered if you have too. I thought it was the Lactose, but I switched to 70+ and still have it. It seems to get progressively worse as the day goes on. I'm going to try Beano. Anyway, it's a small price to pay, cause I love these shakes and they WORK! I lost 3 pounds this week. Yipppeee!! Sara