Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planning makes perfect!

Somehow (quite artfully) I've avoided going out to eat this entire month.  Not 100% conscious decision, but I do find it easier and of course low pressure having my meals at home.  Today I met up with a good friend (and ex-coworker that I miss dearly) for a late lunch and drinks.  The scene of the crime was to be at one of your typical Mexican places.  Mmmm... Mexican. 

Naturally I obsessed all morning about what I was going to eat.  An issue for me is that I do not really like veggies you would find in a Mexican restaurant.  Onions are off the menu as they irritate my stomach ... and I really do not like bell peppers.  So...the choices are fairly limited.  After much consideration and planning I decided on having a cheese enchilada and a side of beans.  Not very exciting, I know, but I figured it would hit the spot ... and honestly I typically would have a #5 (2 cheese ench, beans, rice).  Felt like a good compromise without actually compromising.  

Before leaving the house I had a large brunch ( 2 egg and cheese on English muffin halves) and a quick bowl of apple sauce before leaving.  At the last minute I had the excellent idea to throw a corn VitaTop into my purse, and off I went. 

Lunch was a success.  Lots of good conversation, diet coke for me, and a lovely meal.  My favorite part of the afternoon is that ultimately the usual drink and food fest for me turned into and afternoon of conversation and a nosh.    The only hitch is that I ordered a cheese quesidella instead of enchilada...mostly because the time not spent this morning obsessing on the points for an enchilada was spent on the point value of the quesidella...the wrong word came out of my mouth, hehe.  All good of course, I was just a bit surprised when the waiter brought the actual food that I ordered :)  Six one half dozen, right?  I figure I actually saved myself a point or two by not having sauce ... and put a bit of salsa on the cheese quesidella and went to town.

Tomorrow starts another week of work ... let the crazy begin!


Kelly! said...

Good to hear about your success and DANG !! how did you go so long without eating out youre my inspiration! :)

Allison S. said...

I know, right? Mostly due to being anti-social :) My BF eats out all the time, I just don't go with him!

We will be traveling to Palm Springs CA for a week very soon and I will be eating out all meals. That will be a challenge as I have no idea where we will be eating. I am guessing I will have lots of grilled chicken :)