Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long time!

Blogging did not enter my mind once while on vacation (oops).  It should have, for sure!  The week in Palm Springs was very nice.  Lots of walking, architecture, and overall Southern California goodness. 

I didn't count points for the last half of the trip ... I gave into a lack of motivation to worry about what I was eating and a bit of stress eating (very long story involving losing the rental car keys in the desert).  I will say that generally I would have also added a lot of wine into the mix, and this week I really only had 3 glasses of wine and a few "martini" drinks.  Not bad for this girl.  Oddly enough I think my biggest issue (aside from an evening involving a huge cheeseburger, fries, and mini churros from Jack in the Box) was not drinking enough water.  Constant feeling of dehydration, and a bit of a shy bowel created an overall feeling of bloat and grossness by the time I got home.  My ankles are finally recognizable again :)

So, yes, up 1.8.  It happens.  I am not pleased, I am not thrilled, I am not worried about it :)  Here starts a new week, and life moves on.  My next vacation will not be until Memorial Day week when I spend the week near Cape Hatteras.  Let the count down begin! 

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