Sunday, March 27, 2011

Much better!

This week I got rid of my gain from last week plus a tiny bit more.  I am pleased with my week all in all.  Unfortunately my plan to "unplug" and go for a walk during my lunches did not exactly work out.  Full of excuses that no one wants to hear, but I am disappointed that I was not able to get it done. 

My calendar shows that Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are good "at lunch" walk days.  Perhaps I can commit to coming home Wed or Thurs and doing something in the evening.  Depends on how exhausted I am from those days in the office. 

I am working on a poorly resourced project with a lot of pressure, so some days I am paddling to keep above water, unfortunately doing that metaphorically does not burn real calories :)

Hope any quiet readers are there are staying on target.  I have not given up my resolve to find myself in  better health and perhaps a couple of clothing sizes down in the near future.

Oh ... let me just put this out there.  My company has a client conference in May.  We wear these awful "golf" shirts tucked into black slacks ... and let me just say this is not a good look for me.  The woman's shirt is not great, and furthermore it does not fit me ... not even the 3x.  So...I have to wear the men's 3x, which fits better I suppose, but the "short" sleeves come down well past my elbows, thus making the shirt look really bad.  This is my next point of anxiety.  Each year I have this anxiety ... this year is no different.  According to my archive weight page, i was within 2-3 lbs of my current weight.  I recall leaving that conference after the keynote due to my total discomfort and embarrassment of what I was wearing.  No miracles are going to happen between now and May 18th, but it is something to keep in my mind when making a food decision.  The upside is that a week and a half later it will be Memorial Day weekend and I will be spending the week relaxing in Hatteras!  Reading, crocheting, chilling on the beach and watching people fish ... that is going to be great.  Oh, there is a hot tub some of that!

So I suppose eye on the prize is what I need to keep in my mind.  Hmm...what seems like a reasonable goal for May 18th?  That is 7 weeks away.  I would LOVE to be very near or at 250.  That would put me at a goal of -2 lbs per week.  Seems doable, as long as I add some exercise into my regime. 

Motivation....glad I had this talk with myself :)


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