Sunday, March 20, 2011

Raising Hand!

I am still here!  Feel like I have been disconnected, but I am still fighting most days.  The 3 month mark of good behavior has set in and I feel myself slipping.  The slope is very steep and dangerous...I need to move slowly away from the edge.

The last couple of weeks have been more or less off program.  Not real thrilled, but it is the truth.  No counting ... and occasionally giving in to stupid cravings and urges.  There are many excuses I can provide, but ultimately that is all it is .. an excuse or rationalization.  Part of the deal is to be honest, pull the big girl britches up ... and move on.

So that is what I am going to concentrate on doing this coming week.  The weather is lovely.  What a good time to wear sneakers and go for a nice walk during "lunch".  My job is getting very stressful, so it is going to be good to unplug. 

I guess I should also start with weighing in tomorrow.  I didn't do it today (a conscious decision) and plan to do it tomorrow morning.  Why do you ask?  Mostly because my ankles swelled up like a water blister and I was giving them an extra day to deflate to something resembling normal.  Sounds silly, but I would rather take a day hit than to torpedo my delicate state with a "false" reading.

Getting late and that is all for now.  Hope you all are doing better than I am...and if not, I hope we all get our shit together and start this next week doing better.

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