Monday, January 18, 2010

Duh... GOALS

I figured the best way to ring in the new week is to stop whining and set a goal!

I pledge to spend 3.5 - 4 hours working out in some way (walking, gym, swimming) between Monday and Wed.  How I will do it:

Monday: 1.25
  • Walk at lunch with wrist weights - 45 mins  (Actual: 100 mins)
  • Swimming after work - 30 mins (Actual: 30 mins)

Tuesday: 1
  • Walk before work - 30 mins (Actual: 50 mins total as of 4pm)
  • Gym workout during lunch - 30 mins
Wednesday: 1.25
  • Walk at lunch with wrist weights - 45 mins
  • Swimming after work - 30 mins
G'night all!

During lunch on Monday (today) I walked/jogged a total of 50 mins.  Managed to log 27 mins of VIGOROUS ACTIVITY!!! Total activity today so far is 64 mins.  I rule. Waiting for the crowd to die down at the gym, then I will start doing my laps.
Swimming - I swam 36 laps in the pool...about 30 mins give or take ... and the equivalent of 4000 steps that do not show on my pedometer! The  link shows step equivalents to regular exercises.

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