Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sooo Cold!

Wow, I realize it is winter ... but damn, I live in Georgia.  It is NOT supposed to be in the teens with gusty winds in early January...just sayin!

Goals for the day:
-steps : 5000
-calories : 1200 in, 2600 out (-1400)
 -water : 84 oz (downing 7  12oz glasses)
-locate or buy swim cap
-dismantle the christmas tree

That's about it folks!  It's frigid today so I am not sure the strategy on the PA (physical activity).  Perhaps a bundled walk outside ... and bowling?  Not sure ... but I will get back to you!

Oh, as a side note, how cute am I as a Mad Men character?  I picked the only plump option ... oh, how I wish I had those curves!!!

The coffee cup is a nice touch ... though most of you don't know me personally, one of my treasured finds is a ceramic "we are happy to serve you" coffee cup.  I bought mine at, but here is a link to the website that features them:

Its just fun!

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