Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it cheating....

If I want to officially log my weight a day early?  I am really liking what the scale says TODAY and am afraid my body will realize its error and adjust accordingly in the wrong direction tomrrow :)  Today I am at 254.5 ... the lowest weight I have seen in almost a year!!!  That weight would mean 3.1 lost the past week...pppppllllleeeeaaassssseeeee stay that or below for tomorrow.  I am feeling fairly dehydrated today (i didnt drink enough water yesterday, was a stress kitten) so I probably will pack on 2 lbs in water today.

Oh well, I know its only numbers!  Someone DID tell me that she could tell I had lost weight even from last week (thank you Mindy) so I will take it!

Today has potential to be stressful...I have my sweet wonderful grandma that isn't feeling well.  As much as I hate not living in the condo that I am paying for, I will be sad to leave here.  To that end, I hope to take advantage of taking the day off of work to maybe look at possible paint samples. 

Organic oatmeal time!  The Kashi whole grain hot cereal that I made last night was awful.  Never. Again.  I will stick to my oatmeal, thank you!  I am LOVING the Publix Greenwise Maple and Brown Sugar organic instant with a splash of cinnamon.  It is a great way to start the day!  It's low sodium, low calorie, low fat, and has fiber/protein. 

My goal is to be productive today around the house ... help out my "old lady" ... eat low sodium and of course watch everything else ... take a nice walk!


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i stopped by to tell you i awarded you a beautiful blogger award! check out my post!