Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fat lady in the pool!

I did it ... finally!!  Walking in the door at LA Fitness there was naturally a sign that read, "Pool heat off for the day".  Yay!  Doing it anyway.   I will say this, the locker room of my local gym is gross.  The quality has really taken a hit with the level of amenities at my local La Fit.  There were NO wet bags (a fact I wish I'd known prior to going) and none of those nifty things that squeeze the water out of the swim suit. No matter...nothing was stopping me!

There I was, in my traditional fat lady swim dress (with swim shorts under), bright blue swim cap, and pink goggles.  At this stage of the game, I dont really care about what others think, which is a good thing ... because nothing puts it all out there like swimming.  The swim dress is really not ideal for actual swimming at it floats up, but its what i deal.

In order to deal with cooler water temp, I took a cooold shower prior to getting in.  Once I hit the pool, it seemed fairly reasonable.  Nothing like an icy shower to put the non-heated pool into perspective!

All of my gadgets were with me.  I am probably looking like a bigger dork now, but I don't care.  I have my lap counter that i wear on my finger the click my laps...and my nifty mp3 player that fits on my goggles. I am wired for sound and ready to go.

In all, 30 laps (25m).  My laps were certainly labored and I can tell it is my first time in the pool doing laps in a long long time.  I figured my laps were about 40 seconds each, so that works out to about 20 mins of activity.  I probably could have done several more, but I realized I was running late and had to pick up my grandmother who was mall walking at the same time.

Feeling good about the swim...feeling good about the thought of doing it again very soon.  I need to evaluate my schedule and the pool schedule and try to fit in a swim during the week, I'd hate to think I can only swim on weekends.  There is an LA Fit by my office so that makes it easier.  Of course the pool may be more crowded during peak after work hours...and god forbid I see someone I know there.  Its much easier to be brave at the gym when you don't know anyone!

Anyway, that is all for now.  I rounded my afternoon off with a nice pasta/chicken dish that should last me for the rest of the day.  Tonight I will have a protein bar and finish my 1200 calories for the day.  Tomorrow its back to work, and back to working the first full week in almost a month.  Man...the holiday's do spoil.

One note about being social ... I was a total hermit this weekend.  Due to a conflict I was not able to attend the baby shower that I'd planned on attending.  As guilty as I felt about that, it removed the likelihood that I was going to eat a piece of cake, a cupcake ... lots of little savory bits in philo dough cups...etc.  At this point in my program, I am fragile  and could easily talk myself into one break, how often do I go to a baby shower?  Fortunately I did not have to fight with myself...and disaster was averted.


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