Monday, January 11, 2010

Weight loss projection spreadsheet

Hi!  About a year ago I stumbled upon a spreadsheet on another weight loss blog ( that spelled out the formula for estimating calories in/out and charting projected weight loss over time.  My Plan is all about this math...being accountable for what comes in, exercising, etc. 

This is an excellent way to get an idea of what is possible.  Of course your numbers may vary week to week from these projections...but its nice to come up with a formula that best meets your goals. 

Example:  I plugged in my starting weight, starting diet date, my calories per day eating and my weekly calories burned during exercise.  The spreadsheet calculates your BMR (how many calories you need per day/ week to maintain) and charts the deficits based on projections.  Check it out. I have made a note on guesstimating if you are doing Weight Watchers or a point based system vs counting actual calories. 

Here is a screen shot:

Here is a link to download the Excel spreadsheet:  I promise this is a safe file!

Let me know if you have any questions ... and I would like to thank Ken from for taking the time to put this together and letting me run with it!



Kelly! said...

Hey! I know you said you didnt have an at home routine but i was watching ellen today and jillian michaels was on it and she was showing some things you can do at home so i taped it for you! It's only like 3 views but i hope it helps! :)

Allison S. said...

Thanks for thinking of me Kelly!

philip said...

Nice one.thanks for sharing.keep it up.its really a good one.

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Cassie said...

How do you know what your multiplier is?

Allison S. said...

Cassie, at the bottom there is a chart based on age and sex. Women generally 11, men generally a 12. I personally have a very LOW metabolism in the best of circumstances. I found myself following the pattern of a 9 multiplier. Makes the me equivalent of a 70 yr old woman. Yay me.