Thursday, January 7, 2010

Month 1 Results

Just finished up my first full month on my new program.  I am please to say that I have lost 11.6 so far.  Not bad considering the holiday's!  Definitely pleased with my progress.  I did realize, however, that my math on the # of weeks until my birthday was flawed.  My weekly count to the left went from week 5 to week 8 ... which means I only have 12 weeks to lose my 36 lb goal.  With that pace I need to lost 3 lbs a week.  I will do everything within my power (within reason) to reach that goal...but given that I just shot myself in the foot and lost 2 weeks, I will NOT be disappointed if I fall slightly short of my goal.  What will be disappointing is giving up in any way, which I just do not accept.

That said, I have corrected my weekly count and linked each weeks GoWearFit 7 Day summary. It will show all my crimes and successes! 

I am getting to the point of looking forward to getting active, which is nice.  Today I walked / semi-jogged a bit in our parking deck at work.  The 1 lb arm weights I had on my wrists increased my calorie burning by 30-40% when doing a brisk walk.  That is awesome!  Now I have wrist weights for home AND for the office. No excuses!

To help with my goal, I am going to start swimming laps a couple times a week (most likely weekends), target an average of 45 mins a day of moderate activity and try to get an overall reading of 60 mins a week of "vigorous" activity. Today while walk/jogging, I racked up 12 mins of vigorous activity. I just need to do that 5 more times :)

Food wise my focus is shifting a bit to a lower sodium diet.  I've been concerned with the sodium content in my everyday (admittedly processed) diet.  Now I am going to try to keep my sodium around 1500 mg per day. 

We will see! 


Kelly! said...

congrats on over 11 pounds! thats amazing! and i know! i'm a purse and shoe addict...they always fit!! :)

Allison S. said...

Thank you thank you! You should check out my new fav accessory the bodybugg or gowearfit! Of course, to be fair, I have always found gadgets sexy!

MMM...time for Craig Ferguson, speaking of sexy (I'm old, but he is european, so its okay)

Maybe when I lose the weight my boyfriend will suddenly develop a sexy scottish accent. you think? :)