Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Men seldom make passes, At girls who wear glasses"

A nice Dorothy Parker quote for you! Oh, the reason for the DP quote?  I, for the first time in my 35 years, have been prescribed GLASSES!!!  Having mixed feelings.  Needing glasses is a bit of a bummer and just a sign I am getting older...yet I have always wanted a cute pair of glasses.  So there you have it. In about a week my glasses will be in and I will have something new and expensive to lose immediately!  

Today has been a wet and dreary day in Atlanta.  Of course a week ago I was iced in ... so I shouldn't complain, right?

Not a lot to report in the last couple of days.  I finally was able to get a good night's sleep and my grandmother is getting better.  We haven't had any "im about to pass out" scares since Thursday night, so that is excellent.  She isn't close to 100% but she is getting around and sort of eating.

Exercise has been a thing of the recent past for me, nothing much to report other than what I accidentally achieved while shopping.  I've been sooo tired with having 2 - 4 hrs of sleep a night that there was no way it was going to be happening.  Tomorrow I am hoping to motivate myself to get to the gym.  There is an elliptical and/or a swimming pool that is calling my name!

Food wise I have done well, though no HMR meals to report.  I've been concentrating on lower sodium while keeping low cal/low fat.  Last night I made a delicious lower sodium "baked spaghetti dish (meatless)" and tonight I made my Greek Lemon Chicken Soup.  Each serving is about 250 - 300 calories and no more than 300 grams of sodium.  Trying to get away from the Lean Cuisine (and onions) and manage the sodium.  I am not a cook, so baby steps, right?

My calories have been under target, probably too low for the last few days.  My body probably doesnt love it when I have less than 1000 calories to eat.  My crutch for a quick meal replacement has become Builders Protein Bars (by Clif).  It's a nice way to spend 270 calories and have 20 grams of protein.  I've tried Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Vanilla Almond.  All good.  I generally have 1 a day!

One last thing ... I have been meaning to thank Kelly for giving me the "Beautiful Blogger Award" the other day.  If you are not following her blog, please check it out!  She is an amazing young woman who is working hard to have the prom of her dreams!  The award is designed for me to share information about myself and then pick 7 bloggers to pass on the acknowledgment.  I will have to work to find the 7 bloggers ... I am not really good at making blogger friends!  :)  Thanks again Kelly and I will follow through with my end of the bargain very soon!


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