Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blue Saturday

Its odd when one of the more challenging aspects of starting a new diet routine is the ability to accurately measure your success aka weight loss. The scale has been my enemy for decades, not only for the number it delivered ... but for the inconsistencies. The ability to gain and lose 5 lbs in less than a min might be an exciting carnie trick, but its fairly annoying when you are relying on that scale reading to measure your success after a torturous day of dieting.

For some reason, yesterday was torturous for me. I stayed "in the box" which was good ... but it was oh so hard. I suspect partly due to the fact that it was a lazy saturday around the house. Typically I am spending my time drinking a couple of beers, snacking, watching football. Yesterday I spent my time Googling HMR, reading blogs for inspiration, and finding some recipes.

One of the pitfalls of doing this alone is not really having the support and community when it comes to experiences and variations on the HMR food. I stumbled upon some recipes which is great ... but after reading them, I was 1) starving 2) wishing I had the ability to make some of the ingredients appear.

I am doing the lactose free shakes ... and further limited by the fact that I know I don't like the flavor of the vanilla shakes ... so for now, I only have chocolate.

My routine:

Double mocha shakes for breakfast
Piece of fruit
Double shake - generally just chocolate with extra cocoa and splenda
One or two entrees and some canned veggies of some sorts
Pudding with FF whipped cream

To be honest, sometimes I find it hard to get in that afternoon double shake, and end up having a double pudding at night.

Eh, today is Sunday ... so far so good. Double shakes and I made one of the recipes with the stew. It made enough for 2 meals, so I will be visiting it again later tonight.

That's all for now ...


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Belinda said...

I too have started a diet plan through Medifast & got benefited through it.