Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sundays are bummers

Sigh ... what a wonderful long weekend! Tomorrow morning its back to reality, back to work, and back to the gym. I've enjoyed hanging out in my newly cleaned house, making my shakes, and charting weight loss each day!

I've met all of my goals that I set for myself for the first month of the diet, even exceeded them! My first short term goal was to lose 10 lbs within 4 weeks. I am at 12 lbs, with one official day to go. Not bad. I managed to NOT eat any of the holiday foods that are everywhere (even filling up my fridge). On a personal note, I am even getting a jump on my Christmas decorating.

New short term goals:
  • Drink at least 64 oz water a day (still a struggle)
  • Lose 6 lbs over the next 2 weeks
  • increase my workouts from just cardio to include some minor weight / resistance training
Tools I have to help me:
  • 20 oz water bottle - half a packet of crystal light and a straw ... i dont even realize I just forced down 20 oz of water!
  • SenseWear - will chart my calories burned. Its ordered and hopefully on the way very soon.
  • New weights and Biggest Loser body sculpting DVD
Trying to focus on what I need to get done today and not on the fact that this is the last day of my wonderful long weekend!


Xavier said...

I really like that you are setting goals for yourself during the month. I think I will try this as well.

- Xavier

Sara said...

I was in the box yesterday for the first time in weeks (not huge cheating, but cheating all the same) and I think you're inspiring me. Thanks for writing this blog!!! Sara