Saturday, November 8, 2008

Second Verse Same as the First

Here we go again. Another beginning on the weight loss and workout wagon. Looking at this blog I realize that I certainly started the year with good intentions. Its been a long year filled with disappointment and self sabotage. For the past 2+ years I have been plagued by a faulty Lap-Band (gastric banding). In March the port was removed, but the band was kept in place. That was the beginning of my experience with a MRSA staph infection and all of its glory.

One PICT line, 3 weeks of IV antibiotics, one missed trip to San Francisco, and 8 weeks of wound care later, I was finally healed. It was fairly remarkable, as I'd essentially been broken for 2 years with a wound that would not heal. Suddenly all sealed up ... I was able to live again. And live I did!

Unfortunately I was mentally making up for lost time, and eating all the wrong things. I'd earned that food after all of that suffering, right? I did spend a wonderful week in Vegas experiencing all varieties of gluttony hand on. In all I think i lost 1k dollars...but had a great time.

Summer of sickness, that is what we will call it. For weeks and weeks my insides seemed to be revolting against me. Stomach issues ... leading to lung issues...leading to feeling sorry for myself and eating to make myself feel better. Not really sure what went wrong, but it was not good. For once I was really concerned and had a body scan. Fortunately nothing wrong with my lungs (as I had feared) but my heart could be better. Learning that 94% of women under the age of 40 have healthier hearts can be a bit sobering. Not as sobering as lung cancer, but sobering none the less. According to my medical results, they could not get a good picture or scan due to "patients obese body habitus". Once you read that 5 or 6 times, that too becomes sobering. When fancy medical technology cannot effectively see whats inside of me, that's scary.

New leaf turned as the leaves fall...

As of Monday I have been doing the HMR program and exercising daily. Its a drastic measure, but I have learned that I work better with strict guidelines and fewer options. One of my greatest skills is rationalization. I can make anything, regardless of how ridiculous it is, seem like a great idea. With that in mind, I do better on a plan that gives me no choices :)

The Plan:

3 - 4 shakes or puddings a day from the HMR program
5 - fruits and veggies ( having a hard time with this one)
2 - HMR meals daily
Burn 2000 calories a week doing physical activity.

The reality is that I have a hard time with the fruits and veggies, so I am mainly sticking to the shakes and the meals. My calorie intake is 1000-1200 daily.

Oh, my doctor also gave me Wellbutrin for the weight loss. My understanding is that it should help with the cravings involved, but we will see. As of now, a week into my daily dose, I am doing well but not feeling different, I think that's the idea.

Well, that's all for now. Not sure who my audience is here, other than myself...but I have always enjoyed my own company....

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