Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goals for week of Nov 10th

This to work on this week:

  1. Water - drink more water ... 64 oz a day
  2. Exercise - get my 2000 calories of PA
  3. Shakes - "more is better", 5 shakes a day - 4 while at work
  4. Weight loss - lose 3-4 more pounds
  5. Wii - get more time in with the wii (1 hr total for the week of time in the "bank")

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Brenda Chin said...

Good Luck to you Allison, and congratulations on starting again, after such a tough year. I hope things will turn around for you now. I just started HMR 4 weeks ago. It's not easy, and I was looking for a blog, thus I stumbled on yours. I live in CA and am a mom with 3 kids. It's tough doing a diet alone, I know. Even though I attend the classes, the other 166 hours of the week, I'm alone too, with little support from those around me, and lots of challenges. Lord give both of us the strength to keep it up!