Sunday, November 9, 2008

Much better Sunday

I've almost made it though my first weekend on HMR.

Sacrifice - I did decide to bow out of 2 events, not feeling ready for a social situation that involves food and drink. Probably not the best idea to hide, yet ... I am hiding. Not even sure what the football scores were this weekend. Hmm..

Role Models - What a freaking awesome movie. Pete and I went tonight and it was hilarious! Thankfully I don't really give a crap about movie popcorn so sitting there at the theater with nothing to eat/drink was not a big deal. I would have been mainlining diet coke, but I really do want to sleep tonight ... and I didn't want to get up to pee :)

Speaking of main lining, I have had 4 shakes, and still a pudding to come. With the weird "Shepard's Pie" type entree for both lunch and dinner, I think I will have a total of maybe 1000 calories. I did not exercises today ... I feel kind of bad about it.

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