Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

I would like to report that I was a very good girl yesterday for Thanksgiving! After spending 2 days preparing and cooking a meal for 10 people ... I actually lost weight!!!!!

The nice thing about serving a meal to that many people, there are plenty of things to do other than eat. When I did sit down at the table, it was to enjoy good conversation ... as others enjoyed their meals.

Things that surprised me:
  1. Gravy is HARD for me to make for some reason
  2. NOT eating any (not one bite) of Turkey, Dressing, Potatoes, Pie, etc was NOT hard at all!!!
I wasn't feeling deprived or like I was missing anything. Again, I feel that Hell has frozen over, and that I have really turned the corner with this diet program.

Good luck to anyone reading over the holidays!

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Sara said...

Hi... I just found your blog while looking for HMR support. I've been on HMR on and off for a few years and I really love it. At one point I had lost 70 lbs, but have gained back about 30 so I'm back on. I do 70+ now because I was getting lactose intolerant and it made me feel awful. I LOVE 70+ and use coconut extract with 1.4 cup of crushed pineapple and it's just like a yummy pina colada. Glad I found your blog!!