Friday, November 21, 2008

My New Toy!!!

For any of those who might accidentally find this blog and read it ... that also knows me ... knows that I like my toys and gadgets. Fortunately I do not have any children that I have to share with :P

Last night I posted a question on the exercise message board on . You may have noticed my widgets showing calories burned and pounds lost. Daily I track these things on a website, I selected for one simple reason ... they had nifty widgets!

It mus have been fate because my question was around the amount of calories burned on a person who is 34 and weights 270lbs and is 5'2" vs someone who weights the same, but is 5'11. Gosh, if only I were 5'11"! Anyway, back to reality. I haven't had a lot of quality answers but my first response was something that triggered an avalanche of awesomeness!

The response from Kris N (whomever you are) was brilliant:

I would think they would be pretty much the same. Your both moving the same amount of weight around. But I'm no expert and the calculators don't take height into consideration to caloric estimates.

If money is no object I think the bodybugg would be very helpful for what you are trying to do. It would help you put it all into perspective. Either way it sounds like you are doing it right. Start slow so you don't hurt yourself and remember.... Diet is the most important part. Cardio is great and has numerous health benefits but weight loss is almost all diet. that a new toy I'd never heard of? Pretty cool, check out . You will read all about a device that you strap to your arm. It constantly monitors the calories your body is burning, in take (from you logging your food) , calculates the deficit , and I am sure 100 different other cool things. The data is stored in the device until it is sync'd or downloaded to their website (you pay monthly fee for the website). All kinds of pretty charts and graphs from there. I thought this was pretty freaking cool...but it looked kind of bulky.

THAT led me to my next discovery, there is actually a new version that's been developed that is 40% smaller, has an extra sensor, and measures heart rate as well. Genius! Unfortunately its not available at ... but it is totally available under its pseudonym SenseWear!

Check out . This shows the newer,smaller, sexier version of this new toy . I was totally hooked. Checking out the ordering process, and it looked to be a PITA ... an excel spreadsheet to print out and mail in??? Why ... I never! Fortunately my obsessive Googling led me to this nifty website, This is the website where I actually bought my new toy, please, check it out and all of its awesomeness.

So, one thing I should mentions, this thing is NOT mac friendly. Which would totally be a bummer, if I didn't have bootcamp/parallels/xp installed on all of my macs. So, for now, I put up with the OSism.

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