Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rounding third on my 2nd week on the program

So far so good as I enter this weekend. Monday the 17th. So far I am at the 5 lb mark, which is pretty good. I feel good about it. My goal for this weekend it to keep up with my water and sodium so that I do not go in the wrong direction. Last weekend I managed to gain 1-2 lbs of what I assume was water.

I've definitely kicked up the water intake which I think is helping but its just not natural for me...I have to constantly be thinking about it. I am confused as to what is the magic # with it 64 oz? I've heard lots of water strategies. One was to divide your weight into 2 and drink the # of oz. That would be ... um... 136 oz of water a day. Is that even possible? Okay, its possible, but is it feasible?

Finally the vanilla arrived! Of course, the vanilla comes at a cost. For some reason these shakes really do a number on my tummy if I am not using the Lactose Free HMR70's. When I have the vanilla 120's, I also have to have a couple of Lactaids. Not sure if they are 100% effective, but so far its tolerable for myself and those around me :) At work I don't have the energy to be terribly creative with my shakes, but at home, I can check out that recipe page and see what I can get going. I also ordered the chicken soup. This is what I like to do with the chicken Soup:

  • Make the soup as directed with 6 oz of water
  • Mix in mixed pepper spice, garlic powder, black pepper to taste (i think lemon would be good as well)
  • Heat one Savory Chicken (contains long grain and wild rice, carrots, mushrooms)
  • Pick out the carrots and mushrooms (sorry people, mushrooms are icky ... and carrots are only tolerable in stew for me)
  • Cut up the chicken into tiny pieces
  • Mix together
Not terribly creative ... but a nice chicken and rice soup. When I add lemon juice and leave the mixed pepper and garlic out, it reminds me of my favorite Greek Lemon Chicken soup ... with rice versus orzo. Either way, i think its pretty good. Otherwise that Savory Chicken dinner is gross. But again, you are reading the blog of a girl that occasionally has the palate of a 10 year old!

Time to try and get creative with a shake ... but not too creative :)

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