Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dinner and a drink

Felt a bit better today...the fatigue was not as bad. Yay for that. Looking forward to my doctors appointment on Friday.

Today I drank my water and made a nice dinner for my boyfriend and myself. Seems small, but I have forgotten how to or lost all desire to cook real food lately. When I do cook, I cook the one or two things that are his favorite. Dinner was not anything exciting or exotic...just pork and baked potatoes, but really ... it was my first time cooking pork in memory. That is probably fairly sad ... but I just avoid cooking meat for some reason. Anyway ... it turned out pretty good. He has a very boring palate and yet is very hard to please, go figure! Not really parade time, but it is a small step to a bigger change. Not sure what tomorrow will bring in the kitchen, but I will give it some thought while not working at work :)

Anyone have any lunch or dinner ideas to share with me? I need inspiration!

That is all for tonight. I am hoping all this water I am drinking will help me stop retaining water. I know it is adding a few pounds and can be very discouraging. My starting weight was on a non-bloating day and now my feet and ankles are quite puffy. Naturally I cant keep off the scale and it is up! I know that it is really just the water and I am not discouraged in any way, I just hope that whatever is causing me to retain water is washed away by drinking more water!


Oh, Blogger is bugging out for me (and likely everyone) so I switched my settings to use the old editor and all is better. If you are unable to create a new post on your blog, I suggest you do the same!

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