Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day 3 and Counting!

Here we go again ... another day "working" from home and another one on the way. I am starting to get a bit of cabin fever!

Today my BF walked to the grocery store. He came home with Coke Zero, 2 slices of cake, bag of Chips Ahoy (all for him). Something kind of funny about his grocery selection. Most people flocking to the store to find fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, bread...etc.. Nope, what do we get? Cake and cookies! The good news for all of you following me is that I really have no interest in any of those things. Woo!

This morning I made a simple yet very delicious breakfast:

Here we have a bagel thin, 2 over easy eggs, and 2 slices of cheese. 6 PointsPlus each!

What is interesting is this ... my instinct was to make 2 because the bagel has 2 halves. When I was finished and had them on my plate I realized that I had made 1 too many. Why did I do that? My eyes are getting bigger than my stomach, which is not a bad thing. Lesson learned!

I ate one ... and cooked the 2nd one a bit so the egg was no longer over easy and ate it a couple hours later for lunch.

Dinner was less creative, PB & J sandwiches (2 small) on sandwich thin's for bread. I weighed everything to the gram and counted every drop. They were a delicious 14 points, I am not going to lie.

What is in store for tomorrow? More of the same. We are stuck in this house for yet another day. My feeling is that it will actually be late Friday afternoon before things really start to melt. YIKES!

Oh, random thing ... my BF was watching hockey while having dinner and my cat seemed to be enjoying the game (please ignore the fact that my xmas tree is still not pulled apart, I will get to it when we can take it to the storage unit this weekend):



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