Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let them eat cake! I will take some yogurt instead....

Is there such a thing as a new diet high?  I am so giddy with anticipation of starting Weight Watchers again I may need to take an ambien to sleep.  That may sound like it is dripping with sarcasm, but it really is not.  For the first time in recent memory I am looking forward to working on myself and working with my best friend Jen.  She is such a good sound board and voice of reason...just what I needed.  She needs to talk me down from the snacking and she needs encouragement to exercise.  With all of the encouragement there is also a spirit of friendly competition.  We are both looking for that first 5% weight loss!

Tomorrow I will be hitting the grocery with a list in hand.  Trying to focus on having more protein and something fruit/veg related.  As you may recall, I really have an issue eating fruits and veggies.  I seem to not like them, but like the heck out of cake and ice cream.  My grocery list is lacking in carbs and plentiful with meats and little bits for snack that will be good for me.  Out with the cake, in with the roasted red pepper hummus!

That is all for now...apparently it is late!


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