Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is a test of the EIC system [Emergency Ice Cream]

All is well in WW land! Just weighed and tracked for week 3 and I am down another 3 lbs. WOOOOOO!! I know I am on that "new diet honeymoon" high, but I am in a good place and feeling good about the next week.

I'd like to write a profound bit about overcoming challenges, but it simply has felt very easy. Given my 30+ years of trying, I attribute my ease to the following factors:

  1. New diet euphoria
  2. Starting to take Welbutrin again
  3. Sharing my experiences with my best friend who is also doing WW Online (though we are not in the same state)
  4. Fear of horrible diseases known to really really really obese people (like myself)
  5. A smidge of what might actually be better decision making skills
There it is folks. A little early to start throwing myself a parade, but I am very very pleased with my direction and feeling even more inspired by my results to press on.

This is the vew in my freezer currently.  Notice the Vita-Tops below the creamy naughty goodness!

Oh, for the post title...this may be my first real test of all those items I outlined. My other half went to the grocery store to pick up a few things ... and came home with not one ... not two...but THREE pints of ice cream! Now, to be fair, these pints are for him and he is allowed to have them (i firmly believe if i am going to be successful, it will not be in a bubble) but I did enjoy giving him a bit of guff about it! What he said kind of amused me, "they are small ... if you are going to fall off the wagon, it won't be a long fall". Heehee. This I thought, oddly enough, was a smidge of encouragement (you would have to understand the source). My response was "that won't be happening with THESE 3 pints of ice cream so enjoy them!"

Certainly was not going to say "that will never happen" pu-lease. Points or no Points, I need to get OFF the ice cream and cake. Thank god for Vita-Tops ... they really do the trick. And if I really want something that resembles a little frosting with my Vita-top (when a girl needs cake) I like to make a little serving of Sugar Free Cream Cheese frosting using a 1 oz serving of Weight Watchers Cream Cheese. Little bit of "Free" frozen topping, smidge of Splenda ... and there you go...A little frosting to make your Vita-top a bit more pleasing (not that I think it needs help).

Anyway ... that is all good luck to every one who accidentally reads this post :)


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Polar's Mom said...

Good for you!! Ride that euphoria for as long as possible, and it will repay you in spades. And don't touch that damn ice cream! ;-) You are doing so so well! Keep it up!

Polar's Mom