Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cart of more!

It was a great first day!  Sounds like a small thing, but my biggest accomplishment today was making a large and very organized grocery store list and sticking to that list.  Is it just me or have other people ever been embarrassed by the grocery selection in your cart?  This is something I think about most trips to the store.  I feel shamed by the cake, ice cream, wine, and of course ... cat food. When I usually check out I wonder what the cashier is thinking ... oh look, a fat cat lady with cake, ice cream, and corn dogs.  Today I felt different ... today I had a cart full of food that most normal people buy.  It is random, but it felt good :)

One cart closer to being "normal"
Okay, so I still did not have anything much that resembled fresh fruit or veggies ... but it was a sweeping change from my usual fare.  

Fresh meats instead of tubs of BBQ and Mac n cheese.  Vita tops instead of chocolate cake.  Still my usual Lean Cuisines (love my Thai chicken). Yogurt ... cottage cheese instead of ice cream.  Ground chicken breast instead of beef (for a pot of chili).  New water bottle!  Oh, and of course, crazy cat lady food.

Few things to experiment with...Greek Yogurt (plain) to mix with Ranch Dressing mix for a dip.  I read this is good ... I will keep you posted.  My picky palate is a pain in the ass, but I am trying!

Anyway, I am still high on my accomplishments at the grocery store.  My meals today were certainly within points range, but not really incorporating fruits and veggies yet.  Part of my dessert tonight was a cup of unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon.  Yum!  Technically that counts as a fruit.

Tomorrow's shopping list at the Bed Bath and Beyond:
Cuisinart Griddler
Roasting Pan
Meat Cleaver

Looking forward to venturing into the world of cooking real food for myself and my BF...he will be very confused when he comes home to something other than PB & J sandwiches or Hamburger Helper!

Enough rambling.  Other accomplishments... I had my starting weigh-in and body measurements.  Next weigh-in is Sunday 1/9!


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